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Apple releases new firmware updates – details and a warning if you have the iPad Pro

Apple releases software updates for all its hardware yesterday, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac’s and more.

iOS 9.3.2 – This is mainly about bug fixes. The main points –

– Ability to use Night Shift while Low Power Mode is activated.
– The Game Center bug has now been fixed.
– iPhone SE bluetooth audio issue where some Bluetooth accessories could experience audio-quality issues when paired to iPhone SE is fixed.
– Fixes an issue looking up dictionary definitions which previously could fail.
– Addresses an issue that prevented typing email addresses when using Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages
– Fixes an issue for VoiceOver users using the Alex voice, where the device switches to a different voice to announce punctuation or spaces
– Fixes an issue that prevented MDM servers from installing custom B2B apps

However, according to Macrumors.com iOS 9.3.2 is causing problems for some 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners, with multiple MacRumors readers and Twitter users reporting issues shortly after installing the update over the air. Affected users are seeing an “Error 56” message that instructs them to plug their devices into iTunes. So it might be worth holding fire for a few days before updating your iPad Pro.

watchOS 2.2.1 – this software update is all about making your Apple Watch run smoother by fixing a number of annoying bugs.

tvOS 9.2.1 – like other updates this is all about bug fixes.

iTunes 12.4 iTunes 12.4 introduces new interface tweaks including a new media picker that allows users to quickly switch between Music, Movies, TV shows, and more. Next there is a persistent sidebar . This interface tweak makes it easier to switch between different categories of content. The menus interface has also been simplified.

OS X 10.11.5 – this is all about bug fixes.

Seems Apple had a lot of bugs to fix across all its devices!

Oppo teases big breakthroughs at MWC – details


MWC 2016 is starting next month. In and around MWC loads of smartphone launches occur. This year Oppo is already making some bold claims.

Apparently, Oppo is going to announce some breakthrough technologies in cameras and power.

My view – the proof is in the pudding.

Source – androidauthority.com

PhotoSync app – awesome app for wireless photo transfers – read on

PhotoSync is an app that really everyone should own. It is so well designed with so many features and works exactly as advertised.


So what does it do? Depending on what devices you have you install the respective mobile app. So if you own an android phone or tablet, head over to the Google Play store. If you own an iPhone or iPad head over to the Apple App Store. The iOS version costs £1.99. The android version is free with in app purchase of £0.99 to remove the banner ad. There is even a version for Kindle. If you own a mac there is a free companion app on the Apple Mac App Store. The same applies if you have a Windows PC. So once you have installed the software on your respective machines it now is as simple as ABC.


As an example, I have opened the app on my Samsung K Zoom and selected 4 photos. You can tap to select which ones you want to send, or press and hold to select a range. You can view your photos by all or albums on the K Zoom. Now open the iPad app.


Now, tap the red sync icon top right on the K Zoom, confirm your selection and as quick as ABC the photos are sent on to the iPad.





So what the above screen shots show is the process of moving 4 photos I selected from my android phone to my iPad. The order is slightly wrong, but I’m sure you can fathom out the correct order of the screen shots 😉 But you could move the photos, or receive, between any combination. What is also clever is that you can send the photos from say my Samsung Galaxy K Zoom to my mac. The photos can either go to a folder chosen by yourself, or end up directly in iPhoto or Aperture. Neat touch. And because it’s using wifi you can be downstairs and send the photos to your mac which can be located in another room.

Within the app, the options and settings are extensive. You have the option of using a web browser, personal hotspot, drag and drop, creating new albums, the app remembers which photos have already been transferred, raw photos also supported as well as video , meta data left intact, size of photo left untouched, transfer speeds of up to 5mb/sec and much more.

The iOS app version has been around for longer so adds so extra functionality allowing transfer to and from cloud services like Dropbox, Flickr. Google+, Picasa, Facebook, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Box, 500px, OneDrive, Google Drive and Sugarsync. Backing up videos and photos over (S)FTP or WebDAV to NAS, mobile storage, or remote server. You can also use 3G or LTE. And even more features.

At the end of the day, the app just works really well and being cross platform is such a bonus. Highly recommended.