3 Way Camera Shootout – LG G4 vs Huawei P8 vs Xiaomi Mi4i

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Take the LG G4 which has one of the best cameras on a smartphone, pit it against the Huawei P8 and Xiaomi Mi4i.

The first sequence of shots were taken on a tripod. Click on each photo to access the full size version if you require.

First up, LG G4. The shot below is taken in auto mode, using HDR.


LG G4 again, but without HDR.


Next up is the Xiaomi Mi4i, using HDR. The Mi4i has 2 HDR modes, this is HDR Live mode.


Xiaomi Mi4i – HDR Enhanced mode. I really like this shot.


Below is the Xiaomi Mi4i but is normal mode.


Time to see what the Huawei P8 can accomplish. So shot below is using HDR. A bit dark in places.


Huawei P8 in normal mode. Not so keen on this shot.


Now for a bit of fun. Google Photos made a GIF of the photos above. This proves each phone was on the tripod in pretty much the same place. It also highlights how similar each phone performs in good light.


Huawei P8 HDR and handheld. All of the shots below are handheld. I like the result of this one from the P8.


Huawei P8, normal mode and handheld again.


LG G4, HDR mode and not so impressed with this shot myself.


LG G4, normal mode, and again not so pleased with the outcome of this shot.


Xiaomi Mi4i – HDR Live mode and over exposed.


Xiaomi Mi4i – HDR Enhanced mode and the outcome is much better.


Xiaomi Mi4i – normal mode.


So what do you think? Which is your winner from each of the 2 angles snapped on my local church?


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