Xiaomi Mi 4i – First Impressions / Benchmark / Camera Shot


Apart from the Huawei P8, I also have a Xiaomi Mi 4i. Above and below are my current home screens.


I haven’t spent time theming or changing the wallpaper yet, as I just wanted to install my apps.

What do you notice? Google apps and services are already installed. I even got an over the air update. In fact I’m typing this on the Mi 4i as I also listen to Pocketcasts.


My full review will follow in a few weeks but initial observations are positive. Very good camera and headphone audio.


Below is a photo I took with the Mi 4i.


If you have any questions, please let me know so I can add them in my review.

5 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 4i – First Impressions / Benchmark / Camera Shot

  1. Impressed to hear about the google play store. Where did you buy yours from out of interest? Very impressed with the xiaomi accessories I use the mi band, mi power battery, and have the xiaomi earphones (my wife has the headphones.


      1. Xiaomi ships phones with google services (as do all Chinese manufacturers, or most) when the phone is to be sold in markets outside China. Since the Mi4i (and the rest of the Mi family) is sold in Singapore, India, Malaysia, etc, they can’t afford to ship without google services..


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