ViewRanger – one cool piece of software

Viewranger GPS Trails and Maps is a cool app that will probably soon rank as my favourite app ever.
Above screen shot shows a track route that I walked and then shared. When the recipient opens the link the above is what they will see. They can also change the map overlay from Open Street Map to a number of drop down menu options and even change miles to kilometres. If you want to see the above shared map on your own computer or mobile phone then click below –

“I’m sharing my #walking trip with you. Total distance 1.52mi, . Via @ViewRanger”

ViewRanger is the complete offline mapping, navigation & guided trail service for Outdoor Enthusiasts. The app & free web tools will help you at every stage of your adventure, so it’s easy to plan trips, gives you peace of mind when you’re out on the trail and helps you to store & share your experiences. Perfect for exploring mountain ranges or simply days out in the countryside. In my case, ideal for exploring Dartmoor and the coastal paths.

ViewRanger was voted as one of the best apps in 2013 on “Google Play” .Used & trusted by over 150 Search & Rescue teams across Europe and the North America. And after using the app, I can see why this software is used by the search and rescue teams.

Now ViewRanger is just a glance away on Android wearables.
● GPS mapped location, even without mobile signal
● Offline map mode* – store in advance using “Create Saved Map”
● Access to 10,000’s of route guides and trails
● Track recording – view your path on map to keep or share, even add Flickr photos
● Sports computer stats – view distance, speed, etc.
● Real time location sharing** – BuddyBeacon (requires data connection)
● Active Route Navigation***
● Powersave mode in the GPS settings
● Synchronises with web account for route planning, publishing and sharing.(
● Share tracks via Facebook and Twitter
● Record a track, navigate and view track stats on Android Wear™
● OpenStreetMap© & OpenCycleMap
● Bing Ariel Imagery, Ski map, Transport map
● GB Road Atlas from Ordnance Survey at 1:250.000, map for England, Wales & Scotland
Download Great Britain Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25,000 & Landranger 1:50,000 maps via in-app purchase (ViewRanger Store). Licensed maps from other national mapping agency’s are also available for over 21 countries.

Below are some screen shots from the ViewRanger store giving you a tiny insight into the maps available. The app is free to download, and as mentioned above a number of the maps are free too. But the detailed Ordnance Survey maps are chargeable but well worth it if you walk off road.


There are many ways to search for a map type, by country, type and so on.


The track that I shared above provides the additional data as shown above and below. You can also see the detailed OS map screen shots below.



In use you can zoom in and out with ease. In fact there are many options including a live buddy share when walking.


Another screen shot providing information on the route.


I am only just beginning to learn how to use this app and service, but so far have been blown away at just how useful it is. For the first time, I have real time information on my Dartmoor wilderness walks.

The app is available on iOS and android. It is also available on Symbian but not on Windows Phone. I have tested the app on my LG G3 and my wife’s iPhone 5S. Very impressive on both.

Links –

Google Play store –

Apple App Store –

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