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This is the end of the line for the Samsung Note 7? – Updated – Samsung has axed the Note 7

Updated – via BBC Business News Samsung is set to axe the Note 7. Now confirmed by Samsung. 

Samsung went on record last night with the following statement – 

“We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note7. Because consumers’ safety remains our top priority, Samsung will ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7 while the investigation is taking place.

We remain committed to working diligently with appropriate regulatory authorities to take all necessary steps to resolve the situation. Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note7 or replacement Galaxy Note7 device should power down and stop using the device and take advantage of the remedies available.”

This is not good news but now Samsung has to salvage its reputation. In reality there is no such thing as bad publicity, however, it will take a while for Samsung to recover from this. I hope for those people who bought the Note 7 from a different country and now cannot return them, that Samsung locally provides the means to get a return and refund. Currently Samsung has not to date offered a satisfactory solution to this issue. 

If you have a Gear VR, Occulus have disabled Note 7 support. 

The next question is who is going to rush and be the first to own the Samsung Galaxy S8 next year?

Source – Samsung


This is not good news – A Replaced Samsung Note 7 explodes – Lab Test Results are in – UPDATED

Updated – AT&T and Sprint have now told their customers that they can return their replacement Note 7 for any other phone. 

Samsung is not having a break on the continuing saga on the exploding Samsung Note 7’s. Samsung has upset many people who bought the Note 7, myself included, over their poor communication and handling of the situation.

Now matters get worse.

A replaced Note 7 exploded as a customer was boarding a plane in the USA. The Verge have verified via the IMEI Samsung Note 7 recall checker that it is a replaced phone. The Verge also confirmed that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is opening an investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile back in the UK, the Royal Mail (UK’s Post Office) are not allowing any Note 7’s to be posted. This has been verified by Android Authority.

Now the Telegraph has reported that a laboratory took a Note 7 and applied some stress to it, to see what happened. As you can see from the photo above, it exploded rapidly.

So this leaves some unanswered questions, none of which Samsung are currently explaining or demonstrating in an open environment. Is the design of the Note 7 flawed? Is it too thin? Does applying some pressure trigger the battery plates to touch and then ignite? Were the batteries really faulty? The list of what ifs goes on an on. Surely, it would make sense for Samsung to put a global position of unity and invite members of the press to record and see for themselves, Samsung undertaking a range of tests to prove the safety of their phones.

Samsung’s brand is taking a bruising. This is not going to be an easy ride!

Samsung Note 7 – The Recall Chaos and Your Help is Needed

Samsung has issued a global recall of its Note 7. It seems this process is still in chaos for some users plus there is a different rule for customers dependant on which country they live in.

Daniel left a comment yesterday and needs your help too –

“I’m a Singaporean Note 7 user and it’s terrible Samsung Singapore isn’t offering any other option but to wait for a replacement (of the same colour) to arrive. no refunds, no swap with an S7/Edge. when I bought the phone, I wasn’t expecting it to brick on me after just 5 days, and then get subjected to so many restrictions on usage. they’ve locked us in to the replacement, which still can’t be used on aircraft. we’ve got absolutely zero choice in this whole madness that nobody knows will last for how long or develop in which direction. no idea also if the bootloop/bricking is still gonna affect the replacements they’ve been issuing since 16 Sept. the replacements are still exynos variants, so that’s possible i guess. anyway over 500 of us now have signed a petition demanding refund (i’d estimate 5k-10k pre-recall Note 7 customers here)”

So please help Daniel and sign this petition below.


The boot loop issue has impacted many people.

Samsung UK has issued a further statement saying that a software update will limit the battery to charging to 60%. Plus it now has an IMEI checker to confirm which phones are dangerous.

So prevent a phone from charging to full, meaning a person is going to have to charge it more often which is not a good idea, surely.

So how does anyone tell if the new Note 7 is safe? A new Note 7 owner can be fully confident that their replacement device is not affected by the battery cell issue, courtesy of a new UX update to the battery icon. Any Note 7 device that shows a ‘green’ battery icon (previous software version is white) on the device notification bar, the ‘Power Off’ prompt screen or the Always-On Display can be assured that the device is safe for charging. This UX update will be rolled out from tomorrow in UK and Ireland.

Has Samsung not heard of apps that skin the status bar and can change the icon. Samsung need to deactivate any phones not returned.

In the US there are incidents from stores refusing to let customers return the phone, to others which were unable to offer a replacement or loaner phone, or attempted to charge customers for missing boxes and accessories (which Samsung stated weren’t required when returning a handset), there seems to be a lot of confusion in stores as to what the returns process should actually be. UPS & Fedex will not accept the phones for return back to Samsung.com.

There are also issues with Note 7 bought in a different country to where the current owner is living. Samsung UK refuses to exchange a dual sim Note 7 with another dual sim version. Instead, they will only offer a single sim.

This is not an easy situation for Samsung, but the message is still not consistent enough. The methods and compensation, and loan devices should be identical across the globe. A lot of replacement devices have now reached people, but my concern is the Note 7 as a model is ruined.

This is how dangerous the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is !! – THE FACTS & LIES

In my recent review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (CLICK HERE) I included a link to my post on why I was furious with Samsung and their handling of the Note 7 issues in the UK.

I also added that I did not believe the official line that there had been only 35 incidents worldwide. So now the Note 7 in the USA has been officially recalled and is illegal to be sold in the USA. However, the phone is not being recalled officially in other countries, Samsung is still saying it is voluntarily replacing the phones.

Well, now the phone is being officially recalled the facts are not good. The U.S. C.S.P.C (Consumer Product Safety Commission) stated that of 1 million potentially dangerous phones sold to consumers, Samsung has received a total of 92 reports of batteries overheating, just in the United States alone. And of those 92 reports, 26 involved burns and 55 involved property damage, including fires in cars and a garage. I wonder what the global figures and how many people did not report a problem too. So that’s –

– 92 reported incidents
– 26 people suffered burns
– 55 caused property damage (this includes cars too)

No wonder the Note 7 has been banned by –

– Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has taken to Twitter the other day to urge its customers “not to use or charge their #Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile device on trains and buses.”
– Jersey’s Stockton University banned the phone on its campus and classrooms
– FAA and other airlines and trains have banned its usage on their planes and trains.This is not just US Airlines either. Airlines from around the world are reacting the same.
– Others

So what is Samsung’s solution. Well the replaced Samsung Note 7s will have a “S” or other marking on the outer box. That is useless as who nobody carries their phone packaging with them. Secondly, Samsung has set up a website with an IMEI checker. This works, but again, airlines and others are not going to type in your IMEI to check your phone is safe to use on their flight. The next option is Samsung will change the battery icon from white to green on replaced phones. This option is stupid. All users will have to do is use a third party battery app to overwrite the battery icon.

In my mind the only solution left is for Samsung to re release the new Note 7s with a different hardware name. Eg the Note 7+ or Note 7S and with an extra hardware spec inside the phone. That means all unsafe Note 7 will have a different hardware configuration to make it easier to identify.

Samsung need to use the words “Official Recall” and globally and also come up with a clear solution to identify new phones. Maybe all new colour shades just for replaced phones.

Whatever Samsung decide, as mentioned before my trust of the brand has been destroyed and I will never buy another Samsung product.

Sources – US CSPC, Pocketnow, Engadget, The Telegraph

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – It’s OFFICIAL – Statement from Samsung

Samsung Note 7 LED CASE

UPDATE 2 – Its Official – Statement from Samsung at end of post.

At the moment many websites are reporting a global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is about to happen due to exploding handsets. These include Android Central, Android Authority and The Verge as examples. There are plenty more.

However, the facts at the moment of writing is that there is no global recall. The handset is no longer on sale while Samsung conduct further tests, probably because they need more time to fathom out what is going on, and also to prevent a “potential” problem becoming even more explosive. So what has happened is Samsung issued a note to its customers about a potential problem. Its customers are the likes of Carphone Warehouse, Three UK, O2 etc.

As soon as Carphone Warehouse and others received the communication from Samsung, they had no choice but to act upon it, otherwise if something did occur, they would seem negligent. Its all about corporate responsibility, not having a problem themselves and not suffering the bad PR.

So if you go to Carphone Warehouse’s website or Samsung UK, the Note 7 is not featured on the front pages anymore. In the UK, none of the networks are selling the phone. As regards to other online retailers, they had not even received any stock.

So I have along with thousands of others received our Note 7s and been using them without issue for nearly 10 days. I have charged mine via fast charging using a multiple of different chargers, fast QC2 car chargers, normal and fast Qi chargers, 5 in 1 QC3 USB Hub chargers and more and not had any issues.

I have spoken to Samsung Engineers and Carphone Warehouse last night. Neither have issued a recall, just as a measure of caution stopped future sales. Samsung informed me if my phone was faulty, it would be obvious (too hot) and that only a very small percentage seemed to be impacted. Carphone Warehouse told me to continue using my phone.

Turning to the global position, there is no news in USA, Canada or United Arab Emirates of any recall whatsoever.

Now if a recall does officially occur, and people have to return their Note 7’s, what phone are they meant to use? Most will have upgraded and won’t have the old handset anymore. Many would have bought accessories for a phone they no longer have. The situation could prove a PITA for many people.

So without a doubt Samsung must have found something. Will it affect all Note 7 phones sold. Unlikely. Will it cost Samsung hard in the pocket financially. Absolutely.

I will update this post if any official news occurs that alters this position.

Update – Recall is official according to CNN.

Official Statement from Samsung

Samsung will be grateful for your consistent support giving love cherish electronic products.

Our Samsung Electronics last August 19 released the Galaxy Note 7. The battery burned out phenomenon was received in some products.

Shortly after the release of the new kkichige gotta love giving everyone concerned with the use of these new customers and burnout phenomena of our products undergo the inconvenience of carefully think I’m terribly sorry.

Dwaetgo accepted through September 35 cases per day abroad Service Center, which is a poor level of about 24 million reward. Cause analysis was confirmed by the battery cell itself issues.

Progress during and precise analysis for identifying the volume with potentially defective battery supplier, had stopped selling consumer safety is important to think about and decide deurigiro replace it with a new Galaxy Note 7, regardless of the time of purchase.

However, materials supply and product preparation yen is expected to take about two weeks.

Exchange as quickly as possible and plan to make a new product, the product checks for at least gives customers visit the service center even before they are ready, we will move.

Interchangeable country when we will give you ridorok customers who notice early as possible to consider the supply and demand of certain components used in each country.

Our product gives the consumer a saving apologize to you once again that depth inconvenience.

September 2016 May 2,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wireless Business Division godongjin

The Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones of 2016 – My Reviews

So you have just got the new phone and want to buy some new wireless bluetooth headphones. Below are my reviews of the best bluetooth wireless headphones of 2016. These headphones also are fantastic with many other devices too.

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Samsung Gear IconX headphones

The Reviews

Below are the links to the individual reviews of each of these headphones. Each review also includes a video too.

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Samsung Note 7 – First Impressions – Dual Sim – Duos – The Setup, Official Cases and More

Samsung Note 7 LED CASE

I have now setup my new Samsung Note 7 Duos (Duos is the dual sim Note 7) a few nights ago. I decided to try Samsung’s Smart Switch application which worked fairly well. The Smart Switch application allows you to transfer pretty much everything from one phone to another including phone logs, text messages, images, music, docs, apps and application data and much more. This can be information from the micro SD card as well. You can select whatever information you like to be transferred. Instructions are shown showing how you transfer data from an iPhone, android phone, windows phone, Samsung phone and BlackBerry.

Being dual sim, the sim tray is a hybrid version meaning you can either have 2 nano sims or one nano sim and a micro SD card.


Within the connection settings there is a sim manager option as shown above with some extra options for controlling both sims. You can also limit the number of notifications on the status bar to 3 so as to not interfere with the signal information.

The Note 7 does not have Touchwiz. Samsung calls the new interface Grace UI and it really is very polished.


Main settings menu shown above. You can now have themes, wallpapers, and icons for the Grace UI. I have a material dark theme applied.

Home screen

I am so pleased I picked the Black Onyx finish. This is by far the best option. It looks bad-ass.The Note 7 is beautiful from all angles and the Samsung really have excelled from a hardware and software point of view. Everything is tightly integrated and improved from the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, the calendar widget can now be white or black and has a transparency slider. Everywhere across the email app and more there are neat touches that I will cover off in future posts.

I have 5 cases for the Note 7. 3 official and 2 third party options. The Samsung LED cover is shown in the top photo. This is super cool but does take more time to setup as you can design you own LED app icons. I recommend doing this too. Its fun and makes your LED notifications more personalised. The S View Standing case is also excellent using the always on display to show data in the window. I will cover off more on the cases in future posts.

So the Note 7 has an iris scanner, S Pen, Edge screen and the kitchen sink. The fingerprint sensor on the Note 7 is perfect. Better than the one on the S7. The iris scanner is a PITA. It took me ages to get my eyes learnt. And I have loads of failures when trying to unlock. I need more practice clearly! However, I can unlock via the fingerprint or iris as both are activated at the moment.

I did receive a 230mb software update yesterday as well. One last point, my dual sim Note 7 has the Exynos processor.

On paper the Note 7 is clearly a S7 Edge with a S Pen (stylus) with a premium price over the S7 Edge too. In reality it feels like a totally different device. I will be amazed if any other manufacturer can beat the Samsung Note 7 in 2016.

Samsung Note 7 – And All the Extras PLUS new phones from CAT and Lenovo


The new Samsung Note 7, the dual sim version, also known as the Samsung Note 7 Duos has arrived. Over the next few days and weeks, I will be releasing a number of articles as I put this phone through its paces.

Also, I have received a number of official and third party cases/accessories so hope to get some thoughts up on these too.

Whilst all this is going on, I will be testing the CAT S60 and Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphones thanks to Clove Technology .

Looking slightly further ahead I will also be looking to review the LG V20 and iPhone 7.

Plus I will record a video of whats on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and why.

So if you have any questions for any of the above devices please either leave a comment below or catch me on social media.

Samsung Note 7 – The Full Specs & My Thoughts – Is it worth £749

Note 7

Samsung announced the new Samsung Note 7 yesterday. Judging by the reaction on social media the reaction was low and for a number of reasons.

First lets take a look at the key specs below –

  • Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
  • 5.7” dual-edge SAMOLED Quad HD 2560 x 1440 (~518ppi)
  • Octa-core (2.3 GHz quad + 1.6 GHz quad) Samsung Exynos 8890 processor (64 bit, 14 nm process)
  • 4GB RAM (LPDDR4)
  • 64 GB storage / micro SD support
  • 12 MP dual-pixel OIS f/1.7 main camera
  • 5 MP f/1.7 selfie camera
  • Biometric security – fingerprint and iris scanner
  • 3,500 mAh battery – wired & wireless fast charging (Qi, WPC & PMA)
  • NFC for payments with Samsung Pay & Google Wallet
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz)
  • Bluetooth v4.2 / USB Type-C, / GPS with Glonass & Beidou
  • LTE Cat.12 / LTE Cat.10 / LTE Cat.9 *May differ by markets and mobile operators*
  • 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm / 169 grams
  • IP 67 / 68 water and dust resistant
  • The first thing to strike you is its design. It looks like a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with just a few tweaks in the hardware department. But comparing it further with the S7 Edge, there are small but important tweaks. First the glass edges are gently curved now equally on both sides with the Note 7. The Note 7 glass is Gorilla Glass 5 instead of Gorilla Glass 4 found on the S7 Edge. The Note 7 comes with 64gb storage instead of 32gb found in the S7 Edge. The Note 7 has changed the micro USB port for USB Type C port . IP68 carries over to the S Pen, meaning you can take notes underwater. As all the remaining specs are the same as the S7 Edge, actually what you have is a powerhouse of a phone. But is it worth sim free £749?

    There are two ways of looking at this. Samsung have priced this in the same region as an iPhone 6S Plus 64gb. Which of the two phones would you prefer to have? Is the Samsung Note series strong enough to carry a price of £749. I say yes. I would also point out that it excels in both hardware and software. There is not another device like it! Looking at this from the Note series, it has everything now from IP68, 64gb storage plus micro SD card support and so on.

    The other way of looking at it is that it is crazy expensive. This would be the case if you had a S6 or S7 Edge as it doesn’t offer that much. But if you move up from a Note 4 then you are getting all the latest specification. I hear some screams that £749 is a joke. The OnePlus 3 is only £329 and surely the difference isn’t worth £400. Well this all depends on your priorities for a phone. £400 buys you a better screen, camera and the list goes on. Each difference adds up in pounds and pence. So they are not the same, but the experiences between a OnePlus 3 and Note 7 might be both enjoyable. So it boils down to your personal budget and how much you want the Note 7.

    Question is, where do you sit. £749 is fine or is it a rip off when you can buy devices like the OnePlus 3?

    Samsung Note 7 – in 360 degrees and all the latest specs

    Who needs to watch Samsung announce the Note 7 on the 2nd August 2016 when you can see the phone in 360 degrees as tweeted by MKBHD.

    From all the leaked specs the Note 7 will include –

    – 4gb ram / 64gb storage
    – QHD 5.7 inch screen
    – Exynos 8893 / USA to get Snapdragon 821
    – Gorilla Glass 5
    – USB Type C
    – IP68
    – Android 7 and new TW Skin
    – 3,600 mAh battery
    – S Pen