Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – It’s OFFICIAL – Statement from Samsung

Samsung Note 7 LED CASE

UPDATE 2 – Its Official – Statement from Samsung at end of post.

At the moment many websites are reporting a global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is about to happen due to exploding handsets. These include Android Central, Android Authority and The Verge as examples. There are plenty more.

However, the facts at the moment of writing is that there is no global recall. The handset is no longer on sale while Samsung conduct further tests, probably because they need more time to fathom out what is going on, and also to prevent a “potential” problem becoming even more explosive. So what has happened is Samsung issued a note to its customers about a potential problem. Its customers are the likes of Carphone Warehouse, Three UK, O2 etc.

As soon as Carphone Warehouse and others received the communication from Samsung, they had no choice but to act upon it, otherwise if something did occur, they would seem negligent. Its all about corporate responsibility, not having a problem themselves and not suffering the bad PR.

So if you go to Carphone Warehouse’s website or Samsung UK, the Note 7 is not featured on the front pages anymore. In the UK, none of the networks are selling the phone. As regards to other online retailers, they had not even received any stock.

So I have along with thousands of others received our Note 7s and been using them without issue for nearly 10 days. I have charged mine via fast charging using a multiple of different chargers, fast QC2 car chargers, normal and fast Qi chargers, 5 in 1 QC3 USB Hub chargers and more and not had any issues.

I have spoken to Samsung Engineers and Carphone Warehouse last night. Neither have issued a recall, just as a measure of caution stopped future sales. Samsung informed me if my phone was faulty, it would be obvious (too hot) and that only a very small percentage seemed to be impacted. Carphone Warehouse told me to continue using my phone.

Turning to the global position, there is no news in USA, Canada or United Arab Emirates of any recall whatsoever.

Now if a recall does officially occur, and people have to return their Note 7’s, what phone are they meant to use? Most will have upgraded and won’t have the old handset anymore. Many would have bought accessories for a phone they no longer have. The situation could prove a PITA for many people.

So without a doubt Samsung must have found something. Will it affect all Note 7 phones sold. Unlikely. Will it cost Samsung hard in the pocket financially. Absolutely.

I will update this post if any official news occurs that alters this position.

Update – Recall is official according to CNN.

Official Statement from Samsung

Samsung will be grateful for your consistent support giving love cherish electronic products.

Our Samsung Electronics last August 19 released the Galaxy Note 7. The battery burned out phenomenon was received in some products.

Shortly after the release of the new kkichige gotta love giving everyone concerned with the use of these new customers and burnout phenomena of our products undergo the inconvenience of carefully think I’m terribly sorry.

Dwaetgo accepted through September 35 cases per day abroad Service Center, which is a poor level of about 24 million reward. Cause analysis was confirmed by the battery cell itself issues.

Progress during and precise analysis for identifying the volume with potentially defective battery supplier, had stopped selling consumer safety is important to think about and decide deurigiro replace it with a new Galaxy Note 7, regardless of the time of purchase.

However, materials supply and product preparation yen is expected to take about two weeks.

Exchange as quickly as possible and plan to make a new product, the product checks for at least gives customers visit the service center even before they are ready, we will move.

Interchangeable country when we will give you ridorok customers who notice early as possible to consider the supply and demand of certain components used in each country.

Our product gives the consumer a saving apologize to you once again that depth inconvenience.

September 2016 May 2,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wireless Business Division godongjin


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  1. @Gavin, like for you my Note 7 is working really well and I don’t want to return it. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity on the situation in the next couple of days.

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