LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 Stereo Bluetooth Headset – Review – The Worlds First with APT-X High Definition


Welcome to my review of the LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 Bluetooth Headset. This is the world’s first pair of headphones/headset that comes with the new APT-X High Definition Codec.

This means you can listen to 24 bit Hi-Fi / Hi-Res Sound with LG G5. At the moment the LG G5 is only only smartphone that comes enabled with the revolutionary Qualcomm® apt-X™ HD codec.The aptX™ HD Audio Codec delivers CD-like quality audio over Bluetooth that faithfully reproduces the full audio bandwidth and minimizes latency by significantly reducing the bit rate without affecting sound quality.

LG state that “now no wires are truly a thing of the past as you can bask in the sheer superiority of a 24 bit audiophile experience in total wireless comfort.”

Note that the APT-X HD codec comes as standard with the LG G5. You do not need the LG Hi-Fi Plus module.

Key Specifications

– Bluetooth Version 4.1
– Supported Bluetooth Profiles Headset (HSP), Hands-Free (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP),
Audio/Video Remote Control (AVRCP)
– Talk Time Up to 11 hours
– Music Play Time Up to 10 hours
– Standby Time Up to 17.3 days
– Charging Time Less than 2 hours
– Operating Range 33 ft.
– Dimensions 6.0″ (W) x 7.04″ (H) x 0.5″ (D)
– Weight 2.05 oz.
– Call & Play/Pause Buttons Inline on side of headset
– Available Colours – Black, Silver, Gold
– Sound Profile Harman Kardon® Platinum Sound
– Tone & Talk™ Support – Support for Android and Apple® Devices
– Audio Speaker Optimization Technology Balanced Armature Speaker Technology
– Qualcomm® aptX compatibility Qualcomm aptX / Qualcomm aptX HD
– In the Box – LG TONE PLATINUM Bluetooth Stereo Headset (HBS-1100),Micro USB Charging Cable (AC Adapter Not Included), Extra Ear Gels (Small and Large), User Manual, Quick Start Guide, & Warranty Card

The LG Tone Platinum Bluetooth headset is fairly slim made with an anodized brushed aluminum alloy trim. LG has used a Balanced Armature design as the sound module to minimise distortion and reproduce the sound accurately. The headset also offers noise cancelling dual microphones for clearer calls even in the noisiest environments. In testing these worked really well. Calls were exceptionally clear. LG added Voice Command to handle incoming calls.



Tone & Talk app has been enhanced to support Voice Memo and Find Me via any Android smartphone (version 4.1 and higher). The LG Tone app adds a lot of extra functionality and makes this headset easier to use.


The other controls on the headset are everything you expect and more. Controls for music, calls, volume, cable retraction and more as shown in the photos.

The Sound Quality

This is the part that matters most. Does the new APT-X HD codec work? In my testing it really does work and really well. It also sounds better than Samsung’s proprietary UHQ codec found on the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

As this is created by Qualcomm more headphones are due later on this year featuring this new codec which will undoubtedly become the new audio wireless standard.

LG’s decision to use balanced armature over a dynamic driver is a statement in itself. Balanced armatures tend to reproduce sound fairly naturally with delicate mids and treble.

I have listened to loads of different genres and all were faithfully reproduced. It is hard to believe these are wireless headphones. The Tone Platinum are not bass heavy. But if the track has bass it digs deep too. Classical and vocals were wonderful. Playing flac songs and again the sound quality was excellent.

My current favourite Bluetooth headphones are Plantronics BackBeat Pro. These deliver huge amounts of bass and impact. A lot of people will listen to these are even prefer them on a quick listen. These are over ears and massive so have the ability to deliver such impact. However, over a longer listening period the LG Tone Platinum will triumph. Ear fatigue is non existent and the overall quality is way above the Plantronics.

Another bonus is that the in ear canals are comfortable even after lengthy usage.


Qualcomm’s APT-X HD is the real deal. The LG Tone Platinum are fantastic as a headset from a feature count, superb for phone calls and more and sound brilliant with your music.

For the latest pricing on Amazon UK – Click HERE


16 thoughts on “LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 Stereo Bluetooth Headset – Review – The Worlds First with APT-X High Definition

  1. Hi Gavin,

    You have not problem with the sound volume ? I have bought a LG H810 and the volume is so quiet … than i want to return it.


      1. I upgraded from the 10 to 1100 and the volume is VERY low. My older ones were WAY louder. Smh


      2. can’t disagree more vigorously!! volume level is weak at BEST when listening to music! sound quality is ok, but volume is wimpy


  2. I have had 2 of these it seems that I can here people fine on my end but all they here on there end is static or nothing


  3. Hi gavin !
    I would like to ask
    1. do I get the advantage( APT-X HD ) of this handset only using with the lg g5? or any device?
    if it’s only with the g5 what reason will I have to buy if I’m using the an old xperia phone?
    2. is it worth buying the lg 1100 over 910,900 etc consider value for money?
    I’m looking to buy bluetooth headphones and I want to know what will be the best choice for me.

    Thank you


    1. To get the full advantage of APT-X HD you need a source that supports it and headphones that support it too. The LG G5 was the first device to support it along with the LG headphones.

      However, here is the list of all devices https://www.aptx.com/aptx-hd

      More are coming soon too. But its not a huge list at the moment.

      FYI Sony have their own hi-res bluetooth called LDAC. Your Xperia might have this but again you’ll need Sony headphones with LDAC support.

      Hope this helps.



      1. I’ve got my HBS 1100 now. If you get a good seal with the ear tips then the quality is amazing. Ordered some Blackbird foams.

        Liked by 1 person

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