Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 – How I see the Pros and Cons

Two great flagship phones but complete opposites in more ways than anyone could imagine. So what I am going to do is list the pros and cons as I see them.

Samsung Galaxy S7

– Design – Does the S7 look better than the G5? Not sure. Silver and Black look beautiful until you touch them and it gets caked in fingerprints. The standard S7 is smaller is size than the G5 so easier to handle
– Waterproof / Dust Proof – Handy, but its never stopped me using any phone before. But its a plus point here.
– Micro SD card – plus point. And games can be moved fully to the card
– Gaming Centre – brilliant option
– Themes – superb as so many themes on offer. These are system deep and not really part of Touchwiz. So you could install Nova Launcher and then changed the theme to match the Nova theme.
– No FM radio – not good.
– Cellular and WiFi Signal – weak at picking up a signal compared to other phones.
– Wireless charging – both standards supported – pro point.
– Micro USB – old tech, Samsung didn’t use Type C.
– Proprietary hi res bluetooth codec – negative as not using Qualcomm APT-X HD which it can’t as using its own processor.
– Loudspeaker – lowish volume due to waterproofing – con point.
– Screen – Amazing. So easy to see it in any lighting including bright sunlight.
– Battery – Better than normal
– Camera – Fast focusing great for capturing moving moments. Ok as stills. Video excellent.
– Camera app – brilliant again with loads of options.
– Touchwiz now has an option not to have the app drawer. Thank goodness. I use the S7 without an app drawer. Pro benefit.
– Samsung Pay will be a bonus as it can use all machines not just contactless ones when it arrives in the UK.


– Design – actually it looks rather good. No build issues and after a month not one fingerprint is visible. Clearly a good design in terms of practical usage. Modular and LG G5 Friends. The ability to add specialist options depending on your niche.
– Not water or dust proof. Con.
– Includes a FM Radio – pro.
– Strong wifi and cellular signals. Way better than the S7.
– No wireless charging support.
– USB Type C included with Quick Charge 3. Latest standard from LG and a reversible connector.
– Battery – similar as the S7. The LG G5 has replaceable batteries though. 0 to 100% in 1 min.
– Audio – Bluetooth, loudspeaker , APTX-X HD – all in areas the LG G5 sounds better and that is without the HiFI module
– Screen – lovely screen but hard to see in direct sunlight.
– micro sd card available which is great too but unlike the S7, games can’t be fully moved to the SD card
– Camera and Camera app – class leading but no manual controls for video. Second lens on rear, the 8mp 135º wide angle lens is super cool and delivers some amazing shots. Not as fast as the S7 to focus or in burst mode.Video is better on the S7.
– IR Blaster included – super cool to have
– LG Home launcher is excellent. Has up to 5 on screen menu icons which are user changeable. The S7 does not have this control.

In reality two different phones which will appeal to different people for different reasons. Despite the superb flagships, the phone that I have seen bought more than any other is the iPhone SE. And in some places the rose gold finish has a long waiting list\1


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  1. Strangely, the snapdragon version of the S7 does have an FM receiver (integrated in the chip) and it has just been enabled by a firmware update (for T-Mobile customers).

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