This is not good news – A Replaced Samsung Note 7 explodes – Lab Test Results are in – UPDATED

Updated – AT&T and Sprint have now told their customers that they can return their replacement Note 7 for any other phone. 

Samsung is not having a break on the continuing saga on the exploding Samsung Note 7’s. Samsung has upset many people who bought the Note 7, myself included, over their poor communication and handling of the situation.

Now matters get worse.

A replaced Note 7 exploded as a customer was boarding a plane in the USA. The Verge have verified via the IMEI Samsung Note 7 recall checker that it is a replaced phone. The Verge also confirmed that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is opening an investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile back in the UK, the Royal Mail (UK’s Post Office) are not allowing any Note 7’s to be posted. This has been verified by Android Authority.

Now the Telegraph has reported that a laboratory took a Note 7 and applied some stress to it, to see what happened. As you can see from the photo above, it exploded rapidly.

So this leaves some unanswered questions, none of which Samsung are currently explaining or demonstrating in an open environment. Is the design of the Note 7 flawed? Is it too thin? Does applying some pressure trigger the battery plates to touch and then ignite? Were the batteries really faulty? The list of what ifs goes on an on. Surely, it would make sense for Samsung to put a global position of unity and invite members of the press to record and see for themselves, Samsung undertaking a range of tests to prove the safety of their phones.

Samsung’s brand is taking a bruising. This is not going to be an easy ride!


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