Rear Cameras with high DxOMark Scores are Pointless Now – This is Why?

Zoom Test

I have used 4 smartphones with more than one lens setup. These include the LG V10 (with 2 front cameras), the LG G5 (with a normal and super wide lens), the Honor 8 (with a colour and monochrome lens) and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus (with a wide and telephoto lens). The photo above is using the iPhone 7 Plus wide and then telephoto lens.

The additional camera tricks these dual lens phones can pull off often outweigh the benefits of a single camera with higher quality scores, often produced by DxOmark. I know some of you will say DxOmark scores are inaccurate, well actually they are correct as the are measuring the camera sensor, not the sensor plus software plus ease of operation etc.

But we now have reached a point where a DxOmark of 80 and above is good enough, often very good. Any errors in exposure etc can be covered up with a filter or are so insignificant it doesn’t matter if the photo is pixel perfect. So it now falls to having a dual lens setup and the artistic options these provide. In my experience using the 4 phones, I can honestly say I would always pick a dual lens camera phone setup over a single rear camera lens that had a higher photo quality output.

My one proviso is that a dual lens camera setup is quick and speedy to take a shot. A fast processor and ISP are needed for these lenses. My last thought is that whoever snaps the shot, knows the basic photography techniques on how to compose a photo properly!


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