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The Top 10 Reviews ranked by You in 2015

So what are the 10 most popular reviews on Gavin’s Gadgets?

Ranked with the most popular first. A few surprises too. Notice none of the Samsung phones featured in the top 10!

1 – Oppo HA -2 Portable Amplifier and DAC review

2 – Sony SBH80 Bluetooth headphones review

3 – LG G4 – Full Review plus all 26 additional posts

4 – LG G3 review – 31 Part Review

5 – FitBit Charge HR review

6 – Oppo PM-3 Headphone review

7 – HTC One M9 review

8 – Honor 6+ – My Review

9 – Honor 6 – 12 Part Review

10 – Xiaomi Mi Note Pro -review

So have a look at the 100 or so reviews here – and let me know which one you preferred and why?

The Internet of Things reviews

As the Internet of Things takes off,  so will my reviews of these devices.  So far I have reviewed those listed below.

Belkin WeMo Smart light Bulb starter kit review

Mipow Playbulb Rainbow review
Mipow Playbulb review

Imperihome Pro review
Netatmo Urban Weather station – 5 Part review

Following my reviews of the above I still use every day the Belkin WeMo Smart light Bulb starter kit.  I have both bulbs in my lounge.  The Mipow Playbulb Rainbow is used instead of the original and this again is in my lounge in an uplight.  Sometimes changing the room colour is great for mood changing.

Both the Netatmo and Imperihone are used everyday too and have been for a year and a half. 

The Myths of High End Audio Fidelity Blown Apart – Plus Photos of a £100,000 system

2011-12-29 11.30.19

From today onwards there will be a few more posts covering audio components and headphones. I am going to speak from my 20 plus years of experience in the high end audio through to my more extreme budget set up. Jumping back in history to my bachelor days I loved music and audio equipment. My flat had a lounge/dining room. It had one sofa on one side of the wall and the other side was 3 racks of equipment, and speakers as tall as myself. Married life and modern living and common sense later, that outrageous set up is long gone. The photo above was from about 5 years ago when I tried tube amps. I used the direct line out of the iPod Classic and amplified it into a Little Dot Tube amp and then connected some 600 ohm Beyer Dynamic headphones. This set up looked good and sounded amazing especially when I used a pair of Sennheiser HD600 headphones. That experience was frighteningly good. But alas, along came some sprightly labradors and delicate tube amps were not ideal. Just as a side step, the Little Dot tube amps were not an expensive option at the time. Before I started Gavin’s Gadgets I wrote a review of the Little Dot Tube amp which I have published today.

On twitter recently, there was a thread providing a link to a £1,000 cable. FLAC sound files were played and no difference could be heard from their iPhone by one of my friends. One is assuming a dedicated app was used to play these files, but what I am unsure about is whether a dedicated and separate USB DAC was used along with a headphone amplifier. But what is my point here?

Simply this, for some people better sound quality is irrelevant. They might be able to hear a better sound if you gave them different audio setups, but in reality they could not care less. Then you get the next level, people that can and do care but don’t want to spend the earth and then you have people who spend more and more and more.

If you spend £100 on a few components to upgrade the sound, spending £1,000 will not give you ten times the improvements, maybe just 10-15%. And if you spend £10,000 plus you might get 10 times the improvement of a £100 set up but in reality what you should get is beautifully made products too. I can compare it too driving a Mini Metro and a Ferrari. Both will get you from A to B, but one will do it in more style and cost you a bomb. Below are 2 photos I took at a Hi-Fi Audio show a few years ago. What you are seeing is £100,000 of equipment. I leave you make your own comments about this system yourself!

2013-02-22 10.49.09

2013-02-22 10.47.12

Sometimes, spending less can be more fruitful too. This is because of technology and the improvements it can bring also reduces costs too. If you use your phone to play music, typically it is broken down in stages. The phone acts as a music transport to play music, that is sent into a DAC (digital to analogue converter) that is then amplified out in to your headphones. As DAC’s improve it is not unreasonable to expect in the future that a phone can have a superb sound without the need of all the extra pieces. Wolfson DAC’s for example are found in several smartphones and do a stellar job.

If you do decide to try out different audio components it can become an expensive hobby. It is also about balance. If you only use MP3 recordings at say 320 bitrate, then spending £10,000 on a system is overkill by miles. Other factors that you need to take in to account are the headphones you are going to use. You can of course use different types of audio files like FLAC. Problem with these is that will the quality is above CD’s the downside is that you need 1 GB for a typical album! Next week I am reviewing 3 different pairs of headphones. One of these is the well established Sennheiser HD518. These have been made by Sennheiser for years and well before portable audio quality became more mainstream. So they have an impedance of 50 ohms. Sennheiser are now making trendier looking headphones that are much easier to drive direct from a phone’s headphone jack.These new breed are anything from 16 to 32 ohms and as the impedance is lower, are much easier to drive. Whilst the HD518 can be connected to say your iPhone, these headphones only sound their best when amplified.

So where am I with all this. I have decided that the best solution is one that can fit in my pocket and that is truly portable and works off batteries. It is cheap as they come but provides that 10% increase in performance. It is a set up that can power most headphones so that they reach their best performance nearly. It is also all in balance in terms of price too. I use my Note 4 to store the music, USB Audio Player Pro app to play the sound into a HiFiMe DIY Sabre Android USB DAC which then connects to a Cayin C5 portable headphone amplifier. The Cayin C5 can also act as a battery back and recharge your phone or other device too. This all costs in total around £130. I use this set up as I prefer over the ear headphones.

However, if you used in ear canal type headphones you could remove the headphone amplifier and just spend £26 on the USB DAC as that is powerful enough normally to drive in ear canal headphones.

Everything is about balance, and also about whether you can hear the difference or whether you want the hassle of extra components. It also is about deciding if you want something stylish. But never get fooled in to thinking spending guarantees a better audio fidelity.

LG G Watch – Ultimate Review – 9 Part Review

Below are all the 9 review posts written about the LG G Watch. Happy reading.

First Impressions –

Part 1 –

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Part 6 –

Corrosion update –

Conclusion –

Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast is now live – Please RT and spread the word

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Gavin’s Gadgets 2014 Annual Report

This morning I had an email from WordPress which provided a link to Gavin’s Gadgets 2014 Annual Report.  Below are a few facts from that report.

– The busiest day of the year was 24th September. No surprises here. Lots of new tech and new iPhones.

– Day of the week in which more posts appear than any other day is a Thursday. No idea why Thursday is a more popular day. Do you?

– Most popular post for comments is “Alert – Free 50gb Dropbox Bonus – You’ll be lucky”. Just shows people feel cheated by the small print of the Samsung 50gb Dropbox offer.

– In 2014, Gavin’s Gadgets was viewed by 197 countries. That’s quite amazing really. Top 10 countries are UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sinapore,  France, Malaysia and Sweden.

– Top 5 commenters were Jah, Mike Patterson, Richard Kelsey, Graham and Jon Love. Many thanks guys. And thanks to everyone else too who took the time to comment. My thanks goes to all the other commenters who voiced their opinions on twitter and Google Plus.

– Viewing stats are off the wall. I started the blog mid December 2012 and achieved a meagre 1,131 views by the end of the year. 2013 exploded exponentially and I honestly didn’t think it would get any better. Current stats for 2014 are just under 7 figures. And that is thanks to you all.

– Viewing stats continued. WordPress noted my posts have staying power. People are still reading posts from 2012 and more so from 2013. The reviews I’ve written covering mobile tech, wearables, Headphones and much much more are the key posts that keep getting read. And if you have missed any of my reviews just use the menu to find them all.

We are soon to reach 2015. 2015 will see more reviews, news and more podcast “recordings of Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast”. Gavin’s Gadgets is now and I hope you will follow my journey throughout next year and beyond.

Enjoy the remainder of 2014!

All the best.

Gavin ☺

Reviews Galore – Wearables, Weather Stations, Balls, Headphones, Cases, Gloves and More

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Updated – All the latest phones, wearables & accessories reviewed plus 23 camera phone comparison

There has been a lot of content published on Gavin’s Gadgets recently.

Below are all the direct links to all the goodness.

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5) My podcast “Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast” Click here.

It’s live – Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast – Crispy Screens – Please RT

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Episode 28 is now live for your listening pleasure. Today we discuss all the latest reviews and news. 

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Netatmo Urban Weather Station – Cross Platform Connected Weather Station – 6 Part Review – Updated with Wind Sensor


The Netatmo Urban Weather Station is a cross platform connected weather station. I use it to provide daily weather information at Princetown on Dartmoor.

Below are all the review posts.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station review

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And finally – long terms weather stats from the Netatmo Weather Station –

Part 6 – One Year Later Review including new Wind Sensor

Link to deal on Netatmo Weather Station at Amazon