Netatmo Weather Station for android, iOS and Windows review – One Year Later – wind & rain gauge – 100mph wind speeds

Netatmo produce a rather nifty weather station kit. What makes it so special is all the third party apps and Internet integration. Using IFTTT for example, if it starts raining, the rain sensor will tweet that rain is detected. 

When it first got launched it came with an indoor and outdoor gauge. This provided temperature , CO2, noise levels and pressure. As time has moved on, a rain sensor became available and just now the wind sensor. 

I wrote a 5 part review of the Netatmo Weather station. Click HERE to read it. Since then the app has received a huge cosmetic update too. 

Last night the rain gauge got a real test. It was gale force weather. I knew something was happening outside when I got 3 notifications within a short space of time. 

In fact wind speeds at its peak were 93mph peaking at 99mph. In case you’re wondering what happens when you open the front door with 90mph winds and heavy rain. It’s open door. Get totally drenched through to the skin with wind and rain. Close door as fast as you can!

Below are some screen shots from the Netatmo app. However, there are many other apps and services that Netatmo plugs into which makes this a versatile system and one that I have used for over a year. Each module has 4 batteries which last one year. 

If you have an iPhone you can have a widget in the notification centre. Android gives you other widgets too. 

During my course of ownership the weather station has reviewed new firmware to help improve the system and allow for new features. 

During December you will see the Netatmo weather station on offer too. Recommended. 

Technical information and pricing deals at Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Netatmo Weather Station for android, iOS and Windows review – One Year Later – wind & rain gauge – 100mph wind speeds

  1. I have been thinking about getting a weather sensor for some time.
    Am I right in thinking Gavin to complete the whole range it would comprise an Indoor & Outdoor, then sold separately the Rain and finally the Wind sensors ~ a total of four units?
    Also, reference the Indoor units; are they room specific? At £59 pounds a pop that would make monitoring various parts of your home quite expensive!
    Finally, I note the Wind sensor is not yet available. Did you manage to procure one direct from Netatmo?

    Sorry, I’m a bit short on time so hoping your reply will save me having to dig for questions.
    Thanks Gavin.


    1. Yes Mike you are correct. The indoor sensor measures air quality in the room it’s situated in. You can add up to 3 more sensors to the system. That can be a mix of 3 indoor sensors or 1 indoor + rain + wind. Personally I only use one indoor sensor which is the one that came with the system. The wind sensor is available via Netatmo Germany website or Amazon Germany. However I would hold off buying the wind sensor. It’s just got released and since this article went live today it has just stopped working for no apparent reason.


    2. When I bought this the rain sensor didn’t exist. I added to it as time moved on. When you add the cost of everything it might also be worth looking at other options. The neat bit of Netatmo is the Internet and third party developer support with other apps and services.


  2. Thanks Gavin, appreciate the feedback.
    I thought there was something not right with the wind sensor. Seemed strange what they were saying on purchases for the unit.
    I hear exactly what you say about maybe looking at alternatives. The main issue is only 3 units of support. It’s not a case of one for every room but I have certain rooms and outdoor buildings I like to monitor. The weather items are of equal importance so maybe I should be looking at two separate systems.


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