LG G Watch – update

It been a busy day again, and I’ve not really get a chance to tweak the G Watch. All I did do was actually use it. Replying via Google Voice in a number of apps worked really well including text messaging, hangouts and twitter.

The notifications were excellent but that is no surprise as its using Google Now. But battery life is one day. From 100% to 30%. Only good news is it’s a very quick recharge. But still just one day is poor. So I charged it to 100% before I went to bed, and this morning it was down to 87%. Part of the issue is that I have the LG G Watch display to always on, but it was disconnected overnight.

However, I like the G Watch a lot. As I said yesterday, it is comfortable to wear and I like the appearance. At the weekend, I will have some more time to explore it properly. There are even custom roms for it now!

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