Fight – LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy K Zoom camera

Surely a camera centric device is going to obliterate the LG G3 with its 10 x optical zoom and xenon flash. And in certain conditions it will as you cannot beat optical zoom or xenon flash.

But have a look below at the camera samples, and decide which one is which and post your comments below. The first 2 are from the K Zoom and the last 2 from the G3. These are full resolution versions, so click to open up.





With these particular camera shots I prefer the ones from the G3.


3 thoughts on “Fight – LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy K Zoom camera

  1. Yes Gavin, it is most true: Although LG took away any manual control from their camera, they did however achieve an outstanding move ~ the ability to have a true point & shoot camera.
    Colours are so so right and the detail is phenomenal for a sensor of this size.
    Okay part of that is the sharpening which some do not like but I am very pleased with the performance.
    Anyway, if you don’t like everything auto simply use a different camera app which supports all manual features and for the benefit of other readers yes LG left all controls (ISO, Exposure, WB, AE/AF unlocked for other apps that support to use).

    I never thought I would say this but for once I would be very happy to shoot all day in full Auto mode!!


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