The Top 10 Reviews ranked by You in 2015

So what are the 10 most popular reviews on Gavin’s Gadgets?

Ranked with the most popular first. A few surprises too. Notice none of the Samsung phones featured in the top 10!

1 – Oppo HA -2 Portable Amplifier and DAC review

2 – Sony SBH80 Bluetooth headphones review

3 – LG G4 – Full Review plus all 26 additional posts

4 – LG G3 review – 31 Part Review

5 – FitBit Charge HR review

6 – Oppo PM-3 Headphone review

7 – HTC One M9 review

8 – Honor 6+ – My Review

9 – Honor 6 – 12 Part Review

10 – Xiaomi Mi Note Pro -review

So have a look at the 100 or so reviews here – and let me know which one you preferred and why?

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