LG G Watch – immediate first impressions


It’s BIG but surprisingly comfortable. Compared to the Samsung Gear and Samsung Gear 2 smart watches I’ve owned already, I prefer the style of the LG G Watch. I am so pleased I didn’t choose black as that probably would have been too heavy looking. But you may disagree.

Setting up was a breeze. Download the Android Wear app from the Google Play store and install on your phone. Next charge the watch. It has a magnetic piece that aligns over the entire back of the watch. So it just snaps into place and is held together via magnets. Next with the supplied micro USB cable plug it in and charge away. You have to select your language on the watch and confirm pairing with your phone and that is it.

I’ve been very busy with my day job, so at the moment I’ve not had much time to configure it further. I do like the fact that it’s powered by OK Google commands which on the whole work so far well. I’m trying a few tricks out, like when I get within 10 metres of home, the hall light turns on.

It’s really early days so I will give it a week or so and update you further with my views.

2 thoughts on “LG G Watch – immediate first impressions

  1. Interested to hear more on the linking of ‘Home Commands’ and other control methods.
    Is the Watch linked to alternative devices such as Archos Home or other wifi/Bluetooth/NFC?


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