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Gavin’s Gadgets 2014 Annual Report

This morning I had an email from WordPress which provided a link to Gavin’s Gadgets 2014 Annual Report.  Below are a few facts from that report.

– The busiest day of the year was 24th September. No surprises here. Lots of new tech and new iPhones.

– Day of the week in which more posts appear than any other day is a Thursday. No idea why Thursday is a more popular day. Do you?

– Most popular post for comments is “Alert – Free 50gb Dropbox Bonus – You’ll be lucky”. Just shows people feel cheated by the small print of the Samsung 50gb Dropbox offer.

– In 2014, Gavin’s Gadgets was viewed by 197 countries. That’s quite amazing really. Top 10 countries are UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sinapore,  France, Malaysia and Sweden.

– Top 5 commenters were Jah, Mike Patterson, Richard Kelsey, Graham and Jon Love. Many thanks guys. And thanks to everyone else too who took the time to comment. My thanks goes to all the other commenters who voiced their opinions on twitter and Google Plus.

– Viewing stats are off the wall. I started the blog mid December 2012 and achieved a meagre 1,131 views by the end of the year. 2013 exploded exponentially and I honestly didn’t think it would get any better. Current stats for 2014 are just under 7 figures. And that is thanks to you all.

– Viewing stats continued. WordPress noted my posts have staying power. People are still reading posts from 2012 and more so from 2013. The reviews I’ve written covering mobile tech, wearables, Headphones and much much more are the key posts that keep getting read. And if you have missed any of my reviews just use the menu to find them all.

We are soon to reach 2015. 2015 will see more reviews, news and more podcast “recordings of Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast”. Gavin’s Gadgets is now http://www.gavinsgadgets.com and I hope you will follow my journey throughout next year and beyond.

Enjoy the remainder of 2014!

All the best.

Gavin ☺

Gavin’s Gadgets – The Future

It’s been nearly 2 years since I started Gavin’s Gadgets.

In 2 years I have posted every day. You will see from my other post today there is tons of content held within this blog of mine. 

In fact I have written 3,000 posts. Reviewed 80 devices/accessories. 

You will also see there is no advertising. This is achieved by paying WordPress an annual charge to remove the adverts. I do not get paid to write any of the content. I have a donation link in the menu and a few very kind people have donated.

It now gets to the point where I need to try and look at ways of monetarising my blog. Options include advertising and sponsorship. However, I don’t want to resort to advertising as some of the adverts WordPress include can be off putting. Donating is another option. If you are able to help with a donation of any amount then please send it via PayPal to gavinfabl at Gmail dot com.

I have a few other ideas of what I could change but I would be interested to know what you would like to see and read, or if you have any ideas which may help.

HTC One – Daily Blog

Since I now have reviewed the HTC One in every way possible, I’m just going to do a short post now, noting on new findings and experiences.

First up, here’s the links to all the previous HTC One reviews and more.

I discovered a setting in the default web browser. Go to the web browser settings, accessibility and tick “dim screen while web pages loading”. A nifty battery saving tip.

I have changed the auto brightness off. It’s too bright. I have a manual setting which works just fine.

The HTC One also has USB on the go. So far I have tried connecting a USB memory stick and a small USB hub all of which worked fine. Unlike my Samsung Note 2 you do have to go into settings, storage and tap unmount USB before detaching from the phone.

I also tried connected a Fiio E17 headphone/dac via USB. This worked really well, and I am pleased that the HTC One has USB audio out as a standard feature. As a comparison you can get USB audio out from the iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and older Apple devices, but as Apple control the authentication aspect, any USB DAC subsequently costs a premium due to the royalties Apple charges and their bespoke connectors. At least with the HTC One it is using a worldwide standard micro USB connection.

Connecting the Fiio E17 via USB to the HTC One, and using the DAC on the Fiio you begin to realise just how capable the One is in the audio department. Truly astonishing. And for the full affect you can use the Fiio E17 as a USB DAC only and feed the signal to the Fiio E12 Mont Blanc Portable Headphone amplifier, as shown below.



Just to clarify for those not as technically minded, plugging the USB on the go cable (thats the small black cable coming out of the One) into the HTC One, then enables you to connect the digital analogue converter, and then that sends the analogue sound to the portable power amp. Your headphones plug into the portable power amp. Using this method bypasses the built headphone amp, DAC & Beats on the HTC One, but does provide a much cleaner and even better audio. No sound comes out of the speakers or headphone jack with this connection setup either.

And the USB on the go cable also allows you to connect USB mouse, keyboard and more. I’ve only tested the USB audio and memory sticks but I’m fairly sure the others will work too.