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Twitter just made verification one step simpler – details

A number of twitter uses have a blue tick in their logo. This means they are a verified user and hold potentially some important in a particular field or are just mega popular.

You can now head over to and apply for verification. Good luck though as unless you are famous you are unlikely to succeed.

Gavin’s Gadgets 2014 Annual Report

This morning I had an email from WordPress which provided a link to Gavin’s Gadgets 2014 Annual Report.  Below are a few facts from that report.

– The busiest day of the year was 24th September. No surprises here. Lots of new tech and new iPhones.

– Day of the week in which more posts appear than any other day is a Thursday. No idea why Thursday is a more popular day. Do you?

– Most popular post for comments is “Alert – Free 50gb Dropbox Bonus – You’ll be lucky”. Just shows people feel cheated by the small print of the Samsung 50gb Dropbox offer.

– In 2014, Gavin’s Gadgets was viewed by 197 countries. That’s quite amazing really. Top 10 countries are UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sinapore,  France, Malaysia and Sweden.

– Top 5 commenters were Jah, Mike Patterson, Richard Kelsey, Graham and Jon Love. Many thanks guys. And thanks to everyone else too who took the time to comment. My thanks goes to all the other commenters who voiced their opinions on twitter and Google Plus.

– Viewing stats are off the wall. I started the blog mid December 2012 and achieved a meagre 1,131 views by the end of the year. 2013 exploded exponentially and I honestly didn’t think it would get any better. Current stats for 2014 are just under 7 figures. And that is thanks to you all.

– Viewing stats continued. WordPress noted my posts have staying power. People are still reading posts from 2012 and more so from 2013. The reviews I’ve written covering mobile tech, wearables, Headphones and much much more are the key posts that keep getting read. And if you have missed any of my reviews just use the menu to find them all.

We are soon to reach 2015. 2015 will see more reviews, news and more podcast “recordings of Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast”. Gavin’s Gadgets is now and I hope you will follow my journey throughout next year and beyond.

Enjoy the remainder of 2014!

All the best.

Gavin ☺

Fight – Apple Pay facing challenges from retailers own payment system

Apple Pay (and Google Wallet) is not going to have an easy ride as a number of retailers are taking a stand against mobile payment servIce. The retailers are blocking Apple Pay and in some cases the retailers actually deliberately switched off their NFC terminals.

Those opposed include Old Navy, Lowes, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sears, Best Buy, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Wendy’s, and several petrol stations. These retailers are behind the CurrentC mobile payment service coming into play in 2015.

The benefit of using CurrentC will be the lack of processing fees as the credit card companies are not at all involved. CurrentC is designed to work by taking funds from the user’s checking account.

Just when mobile payments had potentially been made simpler by Apple, the battle ground has expanded. This is a big money earner and therefore competition will be fierce.

Anniversary Special – Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast – Please RT

As you know, I co-host a weekly podcast with David from UKMobileTech called Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast. It is a light hearted tech podcast broadcast bi-weekly. To subscribe click here for iTunes or copy and paste this link into your favourite podcast app.

Episode 25 is now live for your listening pleasure.

This is an Anniversary Special. So enjoy 🙂

Our photo contest. First up is Dave’s shot of his dog.


Next is mine of the Merrivale Stones on Dartmoor.


Neither shot has been edited. Both taken using an iPhone 6 Plus. So choose your winner!

Gavin’s Gadgets updates

Over the weekend a few changes have been applied to my blog.

I’ve updated the design to a more modern style which is meant to look great on all devices including mobiles and tablets.

Check out the additional pages either tapping directly to the page or using the Menu system.

Reviews have been overhauled into separate pages.

Smartphone reviews, click here. Notice the reviews are now divided into operating system. 

Accessory reviews, click here. This section has been also divided into many categories from cases, headphones, wearables, app enabled accessories and more.

The HTC One has its own page here. It’s still receiving so many views I have kept it’s own page for now.

Don’t forget the Shopping, Dartmoor Weather which is updated twice a day every day, and finally if you would like to know more about me click here .

And if you could manage a small donation, please paypal me using this email. Clicking the link will reveal paypal email. Thanks in advance.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please let me know here or on twitter @gavinfabiani .

Brando Shopping – Momax Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Coat Replacement Back Case – review

Brando Shopping are selling the Momax Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Coat Replacement Back Case for the Samsung Note 3.

This case doesn’t have the smart view window setup of the official Samsung case but it does display enough info to be useful. It is also a much nicer design and finish. It also acts as a stand for watching films or just for sitting on your desk at a viewable angle. It also feels lighter. This is my favourite case for my Note 3 out of the official S View Premium, cheap silicone and Spigen SGP Armour.

At $23 it is a lot cheaper than the official Samsung case.

Available from Brando Shopping