Fight – Apple Pay facing challenges from retailers own payment system

Apple Pay (and Google Wallet) is not going to have an easy ride as a number of retailers are taking a stand against mobile payment servIce. The retailers are blocking Apple Pay and in some cases the retailers actually deliberately switched off their NFC terminals.

Those opposed include Old Navy, Lowes, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sears, Best Buy, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Wendy’s, and several petrol stations. These retailers are behind the CurrentC mobile payment service coming into play in 2015.

The benefit of using CurrentC will be the lack of processing fees as the credit card companies are not at all involved. CurrentC is designed to work by taking funds from the user’s checking account.

Just when mobile payments had potentially been made simpler by Apple, the battle ground has expanded. This is a big money earner and therefore competition will be fierce.

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