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Gavin’s Gadgets updates

Over the weekend a few changes have been applied to my blog.

I’ve updated the design to a more modern style which is meant to look great on all devices including mobiles and tablets.

Check out the additional pages either tapping directly to the page or using the Menu system.

Reviews have been overhauled into separate pages.

Smartphone reviews, click here. Notice the reviews are now divided into operating system. 

Accessory reviews, click here. This section has been also divided into many categories from cases, headphones, wearables, app enabled accessories and more.

The HTC One has its own page here. It’s still receiving so many views I have kept it’s own page for now.

Don’t forget the Shopping, Dartmoor Weather which is updated twice a day every day, and finally if you would like to know more about me click here .

And if you could manage a small donation, please paypal me using this email. Clicking the link will reveal paypal email. Thanks in advance.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please let me know here or on twitter @gavinfabiani .