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Brando Shopping – The GalaRing – A NFC ring – the next wearable gadget

Brando Shopping sell the NFC enabled GalaRing.

GalaRing G1 is the first smart product under the consumer electronic brand GalaGreat. You can use your NFC Ring to share WiFi information, links to websites, contact information or whatever you think is suitable to be passed securely to your friends, smartphones and tablets. Your NFC Ring can also be used to start apps with custom settings (parameters), making it a really easy way to personalize the app experience to match your ring.

It comes in 2 sizes, 17mm and 22mm. The 17mm is too small for me so I suggest opting for the larger size. As you can see from the photo below, it just comes in a box with no instructions other than a barcode for you to scan to download the app. The screen shots from the app are shown, but even after opening the app I still wasn’t sure as to how everything was going to work. In fact I found it difficult to grasp. Also the NFC was hit and miss with my Note 3. I think you really need to be very geeky to want this product and understand NFC in depth. It really could do with some proper instructions and explanations.

Key Features
G1 is the first product of GalaGreat smart electronics brand.
G1 smart ring is designed to contact human skin as well as numerous
possible environments, so high-qualitymaterials and workmanship are required.
The two core smart NFC chips of G1 are provided by world-class chip company NXP.
The waterproof level reached the top IP68 industrial level. It can resistup to 10 meters of free fall impact.
GalaRing has basic functions brought by the NFC chip.
It can also transmit information between the ring and the phone via the latest NFC technology, providing personal social information storage and exchange functions.
Android Apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.galagreat.galaring

Small – 17mm
Large – 22mm

Compatible Models:
SAMSUNG: Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy S4, Google Nexus S, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3
MOTOROLA: Moto X, Droid Maxx, Droid Razr M, Droid Razr HD
HTC: One, First, One X
LG: Google Nexus 4, optimus 4x HD, Optimus L5, Optimus L7
Sony: Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z, Xperia T, Xperia P, Xperia S
Other: Mi 2A, Mi3, OPPO Find5, GEAK Eye, GEAK Mars, Machine with NFC function.

Available from Brando Shopping









Brando Shopping – Screen Protection – review

Brando Shopping sell a range of screen protection, from the classic screen protector to Tempered Glass Protector.

Brando Workshop 0.2mm Premium Tempered Glass Protector, is designed 33% slimmer yet still provides extremely high protection for your phone display screen. It really is super slim design and offers the LCD a “nude” yet durable protection. Tempered glass protects LCD from scratches, shock or any kind of damages while maintaining touch screen’s sensitivity. It is extremely easy to install, no residue if removed. The ultimate screen protector for your LCD.

Brando Shopping also provide a range of ultra clear protectors and mirrored style too. I’ve used their screen protectors for over 10 years on so many devices I’ve lost count.



The tempered glass protector is shown above fitted to my Note 3 but if you look at the bottom left hand side it looks like I left smudges. I had several attempts at installing this to get it straight, but I am still keeping this one fitted as in use with the screen on you don’t notice it. I have had no issues with S-Pen either. Superb idea.

At some point in the future I will fit the ultra clear protector by Brando, but based on my earlier devices these have always worked a treat.


Brando Shopping – Momax 3,200 Universal Power Pack Plus Battery Charging Kit – review

Brando Shopping sent me the Momax Universal Power Plus kit for the Samsung Note 3. I have to say this is absolutely brilliant. Not only can you charge the spare battery and your phone at the same time, but when you need to carry the spare battery with you it comes with it’s own little protective plastic case as shown in the photos. A neat touch. When you order this you can select which plug adapter you need or buy the whole set if you travel a lot. The presentation and parts that come with this are excellent. Charging the battery couldn’t be simpler. Just insert, and wait for the charging light to change green. The charger then switches to low energy mode. The battery doesn’t have the NFC chip.

Key Features
U.PACK Universal Power Pack PLUS 3200mAh Battery Power – Samsung Galaxy Note 3
One AC Adapter comes with USB Charging Output PLUS Battery Charging Slot
Special Package with Battery Power
Travel, Outdoor and Camping Package
3200mAh Battery Included

Adapter Options:
USA Adapter
EUR Adapter
AUS Adapter
UK Adapter

Package Includes
1 set U.PACK Universal Power Pack PLUS 3200mAh Battery Power – Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Available from Brando Shopping



Brando Shopping – Momax Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Coat Replacement Back Case – review

Brando Shopping are selling the Momax Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Coat Replacement Back Case for the Samsung Note 3.

This case doesn’t have the smart view window setup of the official Samsung case but it does display enough info to be useful. It is also a much nicer design and finish. It also acts as a stand for watching films or just for sitting on your desk at a viewable angle. It also feels lighter. This is my favourite case for my Note 3 out of the official S View Premium, cheap silicone and Spigen SGP Armour.

At $23 it is a lot cheaper than the official Samsung case.

Available from Brando Shopping





Brando Shopping – Desktop Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4, S4, Note 2 and Note 3

Brando Shopping sent me a desktop connection kit which I have been using for my Note 3. The item is now discontinued as there is a newer version in the pipeline which will output 1080p instead of a lower resolution of this item.




So what this kit allowed me to do with my Note 3 was add a keyboard and mouse, connect to my TV and bolt on a flash drive. Who needs a PC.

Thanks to Brando Shopping for sending this item even though it’s now discontinued. As soon as I get details of the new version I will let everyone know.

Brando Shopping

Over the next week or so I will be reviewing some mobile accessories from Brando Shopping .

Brando Shopping supplies a whole range of accessories for your phone and tablets. I have bought my accessories from this online store for nearly 8 years now.

In the index page, I have now created a page called Shopping, to provide links to places where I buy my gadgets from. This will be expanded over the coming months.

Have fun.