Brando Shopping – Screen Protection – review

Brando Shopping sell a range of screen protection, from the classic screen protector to Tempered Glass Protector.

Brando Workshop 0.2mm Premium Tempered Glass Protector, is designed 33% slimmer yet still provides extremely high protection for your phone display screen. It really is super slim design and offers the LCD a “nude” yet durable protection. Tempered glass protects LCD from scratches, shock or any kind of damages while maintaining touch screen’s sensitivity. It is extremely easy to install, no residue if removed. The ultimate screen protector for your LCD.

Brando Shopping also provide a range of ultra clear protectors and mirrored style too. I’ve used their screen protectors for over 10 years on so many devices I’ve lost count.



The tempered glass protector is shown above fitted to my Note 3 but if you look at the bottom left hand side it looks like I left smudges. I had several attempts at installing this to get it straight, but I am still keeping this one fitted as in use with the screen on you don’t notice it. I have had no issues with S-Pen either. Superb idea.

At some point in the future I will fit the ultra clear protector by Brando, but based on my earlier devices these have always worked a treat.



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