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Accessory Reviews

I haven’t really done many accessory reviews, more app enabled gadgets like the Sphero ball.

But in a few weeks time, I will cover off a few accessories for the iPhone and Samsung phones that I think are worth a mention.


Happy Birthday “Gavin’s Gadgets” – One Year Old today

Gavin’s Gadgets celebrates it’s first birthday today.

In one year, I’ve written 1,700 articles and reviewed 23 phones/gadgets. Gavin’s Gadgets is viewed in 180 countries, and some that even I didn’t know existed. If you like podcasts, I also co-host a podcast with my friend Dave Rich from UKMobileTech. Details are on the about page, or search in iTunes or any podcast app for “Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast”.

Don’t forget, you can catch up on the reviews using the reviews index page.

In addition weather for Princetown, Dartmoor is updated daily using my basic weather equipment.

And remember there are no adverts to distract you. All the views are my personal views and opinions.

So from me to you, thank you for visiting, following my blog, adding your comments and returning. And thank you to everyone that helped me along this journey. Here’s to another year!

Review coming soon – Moga Ace Power iOS Game Controller

Moga Ace Power Game Controller for iOS 7 iPhone or iPod Touch is now available for pre order from Apple.


As an avid gamer, and owning over 600 iOS games and about 3-400 on android I can’t wait to test this officially approved Apple controller. I own the Moga Pro Game Controller for android and that is simply so good to use.

My Moga Ace Power is due to arrive by the end of the first week of December, so expect a review shortly afterwards. In the meantime , if you have any questions you would like answering please let me know.

iOS 7 has native support for game controllers. So will the new controller from Moga hit the spot?

Find out soon.





Finally Google releases it’s own Google Music app on iOS

The iOS version of Google Play Music has finally appeared and nearly equals to its Android counterpart, allowing users to store and stream their own music libraries or, with the £7.99-per-month All Access upgrade, tracks from major labels. Users can also create custom radio stations from any song or album, or listen to one of several predefined stations.

Unlike competitors Pandora and iTunes Radio, there is no limit to the number of tracks a user can skip when listening to radio stations. The inclusion of skip limits has long been a pain point for users of other services.

If you are new to the service, Google is offering a 30 day free trial to All Access. Personally, I decided after using the All Access trial not to renew it. That’s because my own library is extensive and I would rather buy the music so that I owned it outright rather than pay nearly £100 a year and not own anything.

I would recommend everyone backing up their digital music collection to Google, as getting 20,000 stored free is ideal, and then you can stream them wherever you are. It is also worth remembering that if you buy mp3 downloads via Google’s own web store the songs are added to your cloud collection without affecting the 20,000 song maximum allowance. Also note you cannot purchase music on this new iOS app. One last point, Google offers higher quality bit rate at 320mp3 than Apple’s iTunes Store at 256 AAC bit rate.

And what will the developers of the third party iOS apps do now, especially gmusic2? For years they provided the only way to get Google Music on iOS.