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Samsung Note Edge – 14 Part Review


Below are all the posts written on the Samsung Note Edge.

Samsung Note Edge – Impressions after 4 hours

Samsung Note Edge – Night Clock mode

Samsung Note Edge – Impressions after half a day

Samsung Note Edge vs Note 4 – photo comparisons of their screens

Samsung Note Edge – camera samples

Samsung Note Edge – first battery figures

Samsung Note Edge – my home screens and edge panels

Samsung Note Edge – benchmarks and more

Samsung Note Edge – part 3 and battery stats

Samsung Note Edge – how to buy one from Samsung at £665

Samsung Note Edge – from dusk to darkness camera shots

CNN adds support for Edge Panel – details

Samsung Note Edge selective focus and general update incl battery

For the final part, I recorded my views in my Xmas Special podcast, “Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast”.

Gav & Dave’s Tech Podcast – Xmas Special with final Samsung Note Edge views

Samsung Note Edge – selective focus mode and battery update

Below is a shot using the selective focus camera mode. Click on photo to get taken to the flickr original. If you download the original and have a Samsung phone you should be able to go into the selective focus mode and edit the effect from near focus, rear or pan focus. The file size of this shot is 19mb and has tons of detail.

Delicious and Extraordinarily Sinful #selectivefocus #SamsungNoteEdge

I also have some better news to report on the battery. Yesterday I managed 10 hours with 2 hours screen on time. This reduced the battery for down to 50%.  This should  translate to 20 hours and 4 hours on screen time. I was in a good cell signal area yesterday.

However compared to the Note 4, the Edge battery life is still poor.

Yesterday I was using my bluetooth headphones to listen to some of my music. I kept getting small static like breakups. So I deleted pairing and repaired. Slightly better but still not as good as I expected.

I feel that this phone could do with a stability and performance firmware update.

Samsung Note Edge – from dusk to darkness – camera shots

All the below shots were taken from dusk to darkness. The optical image stabilisation was probably working overtime. With more time with the camera, I am certain it will be possible to improve upon these shots.

Macro shot –

Pointed Wild Stuff #macro #atdusk #SamsungNoteEdge

Artistic Fern

Artistic Fern #lowlight #SamsungNoteEdge

Snow in Plymouth

Snow in Plymouth Devon #SamsungNoteEdge

Burrator Reservoir – Tricky as mist and dim lighting

Burrator Reservoir #SamsungNoteEdge #misty #atdusk

Padlock and Chain Macro

Chain and bolt #SamsungNoteEdge

Princetown, night shot and heavy fog. Camera really did well as the air was full of fog.

Heavy Fog and Night Light #SamsungNoteEdge #Princetown

If you want to see full resolution, just click on photo, and change size to full size.

Samsung Note Edge – benchmark scores and more

I don’t care about benchmark scores and rarely bother to read them.  But I thought I would see where the Note Edge scored using Antutu.


The overall score shown is with everything running.  Gear S is connected and more. And below I optimised the phone by turning off what I could and using flight mode.


So now I’ve managed to beat the OnePlus One and get closer to the Note 4.

Like I said, I don’t care too much for benchmarks but it shows the panel on the Edge does impact performance marginally. 

Talking about the Note 4, it’s now sold. I really prefer the experience of the Edge over the Note 4. Heck even TouchWiz is brilliant on the Edge. 

Samsung Note Edge – my home screens and edge panels

I now have 155 apps installed on my Note Edge. I have 3 home screens and 7 edge panels.

Below are my 3 home screens in order.





The News Briefing screen adds the index to the edge panel.

I have the following edge panels installed.



The unticked ones are installed but not active.


And there you have my setup using TouchWiz.

Samsung Note Edge – battery stats so far – updated


So the Note Edge is at 13%. 7 hours usage. 4 hours on screen time.

Since 7 hours ago I have been hammering it. The stats don’t reveal that I’ve had a USB DAC connected for 4 hours that drains battery even with screen off.

I’ve also had 4 twitter accounts bleeping all the time, 4 email accounts on push and tons of other services.

The Edge hasn’t left my hands in all this time.

Doesn’t look great really. But I’m now going to charge it fully and make 3 tweaks in the settings and report back tomorrow.

This is the first full charge. It should improve,  I hope!

Update – 2nd charge. I was 60% through the second charge and had to stop the test and charge the phone overnight as I needed to use it today. However, I had vastly improved stats . I made a few changes. First location was changed from high to power saving mode. I turned on power save mode but only used restrict cpu option. And lastly I switched phone on flight mode, then turned back on wifi and bluetooth. My Gear S was still connected. With wifi on, I activated my network wifi app, Three in Touch, so I still got calls and texts. I did this as studying my first charge battery stats showed that the Note Edge was struggling to get phone signal constantly. This is the downside of 3 UK as it is useless for phone reception inside my house. It is so bad I am likely to switch to EE next month. Screen shot below on stats for second charge before I decided to recharge it last night.



Samsung Note Edge – Half a Day Later – my thoughts

So its been just over half a day since receiving the Note Edge. My last post covered my views after 4 hours and the night clock edge mode.

So now its been a bit longer. Obviously, I was sleeping for 6 or so hours but I was still fiddling with the Note Edge. I now have 135 apps/games installed and about 12gb free storage left. For the time being I am not installing Nova Launcher as I want to experience the Edge the Touchwiz way for a while.

The number one question I have been asked is “Is the edge panel really worth it, or what can you do with it”. I feel as it everyone is missing the point slightly. You are not spending £700 on just the curved edge panel! You are also buying a phone that has the best display (its better than the Note 4), arguable the best camera on a smartphone, handwriting recognition and everything the Note 4 includes, which is a massive amount. The curved edge is part of the overall experience and design.

The design is both software and hardware. In my opinion, the Note Edge hardware design is superior to that of the Note 4. And just in half a day, for the first time ever on a Samsung device the software feels well balanced. Somebody at Samsung has actually looked at all the menu and options, order of options and tweaked them rather well. This makes the Note Edge from a software angle feel more polished than the Note 4. I really thought it would be buggy and not as finished. Instead it is the complete opposite.

There is one potential shortcoming. I hold the Note Edge in my right hand. That makes operating the curved panel a breeze. There is an option for the panel in the settings that allows for the edge to be rotated so that enables left handed use. With the curved on the left, there is a pull up menu for the home, back, and recent keys. The issue here is not all apps will work properly upside down. For me however, it is a non issue. In fact, this particular point is the only negative so far.

You can hold the phone and the curved edge will not activate which was one concern I had before I got the phone. It only activates when you flick the edge or swipe it. Palm rejections work flawlessly. I also was concerned about using a car mount. There is enough edges on both sides for this to allow the mount to grasp securely on both sides.

What I am going to try and do is have the Note 4 side by side and see what precisely has been altered. For now I am content with my final phone.

Update – I’ve had a chance to compare the settings menus between the Note 4 and Edge and they are identical except for the Edge having the extra menu for the curved edge panel.

Samsung Note Edge – Night Clock on the edge


This is all you see in a pitch black room, with the Night Clock activated on the Note Edge panel. The lack of brightness is perfect.

To setup the night clock on the edge panel, go into the panel settings, select night clock on, then adjust the slider for the on and off times. A maximum 12 hours is permitted and if battery drops to 15% or less it is deactivated.