Samsung Note Edge – selective focus mode and battery update

Below is a shot using the selective focus camera mode. Click on photo to get taken to the flickr original. If you download the original and have a Samsung phone you should be able to go into the selective focus mode and edit the effect from near focus, rear or pan focus. The file size of this shot is 19mb and has tons of detail.

Delicious and Extraordinarily Sinful #selectivefocus #SamsungNoteEdge

I also have some better news to report on the battery. Yesterday I managed 10 hours with 2 hours screen on time. This reduced the battery for down to 50%.  This should  translate to 20 hours and 4 hours on screen time. I was in a good cell signal area yesterday.

However compared to the Note 4, the Edge battery life is still poor.

Yesterday I was using my bluetooth headphones to listen to some of my music. I kept getting small static like breakups. So I deleted pairing and repaired. Slightly better but still not as good as I expected.

I feel that this phone could do with a stability and performance firmware update.

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