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Samsung Note Edge – battery stats so far – updated


So the Note Edge is at 13%. 7 hours usage. 4 hours on screen time.

Since 7 hours ago I have been hammering it. The stats don’t reveal that I’ve had a USB DAC connected for 4 hours that drains battery even with screen off.

I’ve also had 4 twitter accounts bleeping all the time, 4 email accounts on push and tons of other services.

The Edge hasn’t left my hands in all this time.

Doesn’t look great really. But I’m now going to charge it fully and make 3 tweaks in the settings and report back tomorrow.

This is the first full charge. It should improve,  I hope!

Update – 2nd charge. I was 60% through the second charge and had to stop the test and charge the phone overnight as I needed to use it today. However, I had vastly improved stats . I made a few changes. First location was changed from high to power saving mode. I turned on power save mode but only used restrict cpu option. And lastly I switched phone on flight mode, then turned back on wifi and bluetooth. My Gear S was still connected. With wifi on, I activated my network wifi app, Three in Touch, so I still got calls and texts. I did this as studying my first charge battery stats showed that the Note Edge was struggling to get phone signal constantly. This is the downside of 3 UK as it is useless for phone reception inside my house. It is so bad I am likely to switch to EE next month. Screen shot below on stats for second charge before I decided to recharge it last night.