Samsung Note Edge – from dusk to darkness – camera shots

All the below shots were taken from dusk to darkness. The optical image stabilisation was probably working overtime. With more time with the camera, I am certain it will be possible to improve upon these shots.

Macro shot –

Pointed Wild Stuff #macro #atdusk #SamsungNoteEdge

Artistic Fern

Artistic Fern #lowlight #SamsungNoteEdge

Snow in Plymouth

Snow in Plymouth Devon #SamsungNoteEdge

Burrator Reservoir – Tricky as mist and dim lighting

Burrator Reservoir #SamsungNoteEdge #misty #atdusk

Padlock and Chain Macro

Chain and bolt #SamsungNoteEdge

Princetown, night shot and heavy fog. Camera really did well as the air was full of fog.

Heavy Fog and Night Light #SamsungNoteEdge #Princetown

If you want to see full resolution, just click on photo, and change size to full size.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Note Edge – from dusk to darkness – camera shots

    1. The Edge camera versus 6 Plus. The Edge the same as the Note 4 offers better quality shots than the iPhone. Obviously I had both the Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus at the same time and the Samsung was much better in both video, stills and macros. That’s not saying the iPhone was rubbish, far from it. Have a look at my albums on my Flickr account. There are 3. One for the Note 4, Edge and iPhone 6 Plus., select albums and then whatever one you want to view.


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