Samsung Note Edge – battery stats part 3

I’ve just been asleep 7 hours. The Edge was left on my bedside table with the Night clock running and everything else. 

Battery was 81% at 11pm. At 6am it was 67%.

Overall the battery performance has improved each day a little. 

8 thoughts on “Samsung Note Edge – battery stats part 3

  1. How’s it going with the battery so far? Am still evaluating whether or not to go for the Edge. The GSMArenal battery tests seem to indicate that the Note 4 has only a marginal (10-15% ish ) lead in web browsing time, but…. about 30%better lasting power in standby time and 50% better video playback time.

    So it looks like Note 4 will easily last two days or usage, while the Edge is still the same old “must charge at night or else”?

    Is this same was what you are experiencing?


  2. It just struck me that perhaps part of the battery consumption difference will always be significant. The idea of the Edge is basically you always have the screen permanently activated in a kind of of “swipe to wake” mode. And I would guess that isn’t isolated to the few pixels on the right hard side, although the rest of the screen may “ignore” the command?

    So basically there may not be much hope for improved battery life.


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