Samsung Note Edge – my home screens and edge panels

I now have 155 apps installed on my Note Edge. I have 3 home screens and 7 edge panels.

Below are my 3 home screens in order.





The News Briefing screen adds the index to the edge panel.

I have the following edge panels installed.



The unticked ones are installed but not active.


And there you have my setup using TouchWiz.

8 thoughts on “Samsung Note Edge – my home screens and edge panels

  1. Aren’t you taking a hit on battery with so many apps installed and so many home screens?

    Also curious if you feel the number of home screens you need reflects some shortcomings/incompleteness in the edge screen functionality that is available so far?


    1. Yes, with that many apps/screens it is likely to be affecting battery. It is more likely what background tasks each app it using too. My issue is I have poor cell signal at home, so the phone is always hunting for a signal which drains battery much faster.

      However, as each new day finishes the battery life is improving slightly. Also, I am not too worried about a faster draining battery whilst at home, as the adaptive fast charging is ideal.

      I didn’t think I had many home screens. Just 3 home screens, one app drawer page and the news briefing widget on a separate home page.

      The edge screen panel is interesting. There are more panels arriving but to be honest I find using to with my right hand and switching back and forth between apps, seeing notifications, using playback and camera controls really useful. Of course I hold the phone in my right hand. People that use their left hand might find it more awkward even using the left hand mode operation. I am content with the number of current edge panels. More would be handy but some are pointless e.g. playing games on the edge. The Night Clock mode is superb.

      The edge panel is only one part of the usage of the device. Combined with all the other options it is a rather powerful and neat piece of kit.

      Hope this answers your question.



      1. Yes – thanks for all the reports on the phone – is very interesting. Let’s hope Samsung has the guts to make it standard on all the top end galaxy phones…


  2. Really useful reviews.

    I can’t see why anyone would buy a N4 over the edge.

    Just the ease of switching apps and the night clock on their own are enough to pay the extra.


    1. Edge looks good but is not a no-brainer, IMO.

      I think for sure the task-switching is great on the Edge – and TouchWiz launcher looks much better with the dock moved to the side and space at the bottom of the interface freed up.

      But to be fair that (dock on the right side) could be done in the Note 4 as well – perhaps as an as an auto-hide dock that you swipe in from the right side. There is already the multitask which covers a fairly similar territory, though not exactly the same.

      But I have a strong hunch that the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series going forward will have this Edge concept if Samsung can figure out how to make the screens at the right cost – and also to sort out the power management issues. The Edge has basically the same size screen as the Note, so the power consumption shouldnt really be so much higher,


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