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I’m an iPhone 7 Plus – So LG G6, Samsung S8+ & Huawei P10 Plus – This is my camera prowess – by Ellie

The iPhone 7 Plus is a beast of a phone with its dual rear cameras and it might be over 6 months old now yet it can still can hold its own up against the competition, often winning. These are the same shots taken at the same time as the previous days posts covering the Huawei P10, S8+ and LG G6.

Macro shots.

Some lovely natural details and colours.

Mainly good focus. Some shots were out of focus.

Quality is as good as the competition.

Normal lens. A really good shot of the church. Colours are well balanced. I could have used the 2 x optical zoom lens too.

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus holds its own ground against the competition. It also has the second lens for portrait mode and 2 x optical zoom. Then there are numerous third party apps that work really well to create silky water, night trails and star lights. Then there is Live Photos and super smooth 4K video.

So have a look at the shots on the previous posts from the LG G6, Huawei P10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8, and ask yourself, which ones do you prefer?


LG G6 vs Samsung S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus – Burst mode comparisons by Ellie


As you know by now Gavin likes to photograph our 3 labradors an awful lot. I think they have learnt how to pose for that perfect selfie too.

One of the modes Gavin likes to use is burst mode. So Gavin asked me to perform some tests on the speed of each phone in burst mode.

So here are the results.

iPhone 7 Plus

– Time to take 100 shots in burst mode is 10 seconds.
– Maximum number of shots in burst mode is 999 shots. Holy crap. And it can save them all fairly quickly and take another 999 shots in a burst without pulling a sweat.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

– Time to take 100 shots in burst mode is 7 seconds. And 100 shots is the maximum. Also the focusing was fastest out of all 3.


– Time to take 100 shots in burst mode is 10 seconds the same as the iPhone 7 Plus. Like the S8+ , 100 shots is the maximum in burst mode. Focusing was as quick as the iPhone but slower than the S8+.

I will try and get some shots over the weekend but there’s no guarantee.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Product Red – First Impressions, Photos & Video – It’s stunning in RED!

The new Product Red, or Red iPhone 7 went on sale today at 3.01pm UK time. I currently have a jet black iPhone but now have moved across to the new Product Red iPhone 7 Plus.

Once you see the new red iPhone in real life, you will just love the colour. It looks fabulous!

Just look at the photo gallery of the iPhone 7 in red. Such a stunner.

And as to my first impressions and unboxing. Here you go 🙂

Sunset on Dartmoor – Shot on an Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Sometimes timing is everything as well as skill of course 🙂

The below shot captured the ponies grazing just as the sun was disappearing behind a Tor. A minute before the sun was too bright and a minute later the sun had vanished.

To help capture this shot, I used my iPhone 7 Plus and Adobe Lightroom mobile to snap it in raw. When I capture photos like this, I cannot see the need of carrying a DSLR!

Cracking sunset on Dartmoor

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – My Favourite Photos from Sunday – Shot in RAW & Pano Mode

Yesterday, I took my iPhone 7 Plus out in some seriously cold and wet conditions and took landscape shots in RAW and also used the panoramic mode on the default camera app.

The panoramic shots are all over 60mp in size. To view any full size, click on the photo, then select full size.

Shot in RAW

Part of Staple Tor - Natural granite formation - Dartmoor National Park

In the storm - Great Staple Tor - Dartmoor National Park

Dramatic view of Great Staple Tor - Dartmoor National Park

Staple Tor in a hail storm

Shot in Panoramic Mode

70mp Panoramic shot of all the Staple Tors on Dartmoor

LG G5 vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Huawei Mate 9 – Camera Comparison

Good morning everyone. I decided for this post to take 3 phones – the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei Mate 9 and LG G5 and see which one could take the best shot of an aerial view of Exeter High Street.

Unlike other comparisons, I have stuck all the photos taken through Adobe Lightroom to see what was the best final result that could be obtained.

LG G5 Shots – Normal and Wide Angle

Shot on the LG G5

Shot on the LG G5

I really like the extra width of the LG G5 wide angle shot.

Huawei Mate 9 – Normal and Monochrome

Shot on the Huawei Mate 9

Shot on the Huawei Mate 9

I do like the images from the Mate 9.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone takes a well balanced shot overall.

So which phone do you prefer and why? Just a quick shout out to Vodafone UK for the loan of the LG G5.

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