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Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G6 vs Huawei P10 Plus – Camera Comparison by Ellie

Four of the top flagship phones. Left to right LG G6, Huawei P10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the iPhone 7 Plus.

I took 2 shots of the local church from different angles using all 4 phones. I have uploaded all photos full size. For both scenes the Huawei P10 Plus photos come first, then the iPhone 7 Plus, followed by the LG G6 and lastly Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Huawei P10 Plus Side View

iPhone 7 Plus Side View


LG G6 Side View


Samsung Galaxy S8+ Side View


Huawei P10 Plus Monochrome mode

Huawei P10 Plus Colour Auto

iPhone 7 Plus Colour Auto


LG G6 Colour Auto and then Wide Angle


Samsung Galaxy S8+ Colour Auto and Flower Shot


Conclusion and Results

Side Church Shot

I would rank the side church shot as follows. First place LG G6, then Samsung S8+, then Huawei P10 Plus and in last place the iPhone 7 Plus.

Church Colour Auto Shot

A very close call and hard to pick a winner. The LG G6 pips the post but only just. The others are all a draw. The Huawei P10 Plus monochrome shot is excellent. So is the wide angle shot from the LG G6.

Final Words

As you can see a very close call in terms of camera performance. So which are your favourites?

Sony Xperia XZ vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Camera Comparison

On Saturday, I took the Sony Xperia XZ and iPhone 7 Plus out on Dartmoor. My goal was to be a tourist and see which phone would take the best shots, reliably and consistently too.

The Sony Xperia XZ has a 23mp rear camera and the iPhone 7 Plus has 2 x 12mp rear cameras.

Below are the results – Click on each photo, then select the full size version for the ultimate pixel peek.

iPhone 7 Plus

View towards Kings Tor, Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

I really like the above and below shots from the iPhone.

Stormy weather over Little Mis Tor , Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Stormy weather heading up to Great Mis Tor , Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Above and below, both taking with the telephoto lens. The 2 x zoom does make a difference to shots like this.

Stormy weather at Little Mis Tor , Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Sony Xperia XZ

Storm over the Tors #dartmoor

I found the Sony made even the most stark landscape shot more interesting due to its saturated look.

Sun & Stormy Weather - sub zero, bitter winds & heavy rain all at once

The above shot is my favourite of all the photos from both phones. It was freezing cold, with sub zero temperatures, hail and rain, and then the sun appeared.

In a line - Fury, George & Tiggy sprinting up to Great Mis Tor

Little Mis Tor - Standing strong in the stormy conditions

When you compare the shots above and below from the Sony with those from the iPhone, there are fairly close in quality.

Little Mis Tor  & Great Mis Tor - High up on Dartmoor in stormy conditions

I also liked the above shot from the Sony Xperia XZ.


Whilst the Sony Xperia XZ did a reasonable job, and IMO managed to capture the most memorable shot, in further testing that I have carried out, the iPhone 7 Plus is able to take better shots, that are sharper, more accurate and consistent across all lighting conditions. The Sony Xperia XZ lacks OIS, and seems to fail to take a good focused shot quite frequently.

The Sony Xperia XZ does have a lot of positive aspects, but even though most phones, including the best flagships, have Sony camera sensors, Sony has not managed to optimise the camera software in its own phone to the same consistent standard. I find this infuriating as the sensor in the Xperia XZ is top notch!

My full review of the Sony Xperia XZ will be coming soon.

My thanks to Vodafone UK for the loan of the Sony Xperia XZ.

LG G5 vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Huawei Mate 9 – Camera Comparison

Good morning everyone. I decided for this post to take 3 phones – the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei Mate 9 and LG G5 and see which one could take the best shot of an aerial view of Exeter High Street.

Unlike other comparisons, I have stuck all the photos taken through Adobe Lightroom to see what was the best final result that could be obtained.

LG G5 Shots – Normal and Wide Angle

Shot on the LG G5

Shot on the LG G5

I really like the extra width of the LG G5 wide angle shot.

Huawei Mate 9 – Normal and Monochrome

Shot on the Huawei Mate 9

Shot on the Huawei Mate 9

I do like the images from the Mate 9.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone takes a well balanced shot overall.

So which phone do you prefer and why? Just a quick shout out to Vodafone UK for the loan of the LG G5.

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HTC 10 vs LG G5 – Roof Top Views over Exeter

I had two phones with me yesterday, the LG G5 and HTC 10.

The HTC 10 comes with a great raw enhancement tool, that takes a raw image and automatically adjusts it for you.

So what does that translate into. Below is a shot of John Lewis, Exeter, snapped in raw and post processed on the HTC 10 using the raw enhancement tool.

John Lewis of Exeter #HTC10 #rawconverted

So how does the HTC 10 compare with the LG G5 and its 16mp rear camera. This shot was snapped in auto.

Roof views of John Lewis of Exeter #LGG5

But actually the shot I liked the most came from the 8mp LG G5 wide angle rear lens. Edited in snapseed using HDR Scape filter.

Roof Top view of Exeter #LGG5wide

Sometimes it is just nothing to do with the pixels, but the impact of the shot.

And just one more from the LG G5 wide lens. I was standing no more than 1 metre away from the wall. This is a shot of the original City Wall of Exeter, the ruins that survived the bombing from World War Two.

The Old City Wall of Exeter #LGG5wide

Despite the fish eye effect, it is still a shot that I like and one that captures the wall.

Apple iPhone 6S versus Samsung Galaxy S7 – camera comparison

If you were in any doubt that the camera on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge wasn’t up to scratch, then take a look at this superb camera comparison video showing off the strengths and weaknesses of the respective phones using both photo and video.

During the video, in order to be fairer at times, an iPhone 6S Plus is used, especially for low light shots against the S7.

So take a look at the video below by @SuperSafTV. It is another superb video from SuperSaf, so make sure you check out his other videos too.

Samsung Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Camera Comparison – updated

Today I have about 7 or so shots from the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4. These were taken by a friend of mine who wanted to test each phone to see which one they preferred. The photos are completely unedited. If you want to view the full resolution, click through on the photos to my Flickr account, change the size to full resolution and pixel peep to your hearts contention. All the shots were taken from both cameras standing on the same spot. You will notice the different field of views from each phone. Panoramic shots – the Note 4 had a much longer sweep enabling it to take a much wider canvas. The 6 Plus has exposure correction as it takes the panoramic photos, but sometimes this ruins the shot as the change is noticeable. Just looking at the snaps as is, which do you prefer? Or are they really about equal. With both phones, there were hardly any duff photos taken. As they both use Optical Image stabilisation, this seems to help getting better shots.

Viewing order – In every shot it is iPhone 6 Plus first, then Note 4. At the end there are 3 Note 4 shots that have not got an iPhone 6 Plus equivalent. If you wish to see all the photos head over to my Flickr page – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gavinfabl100/ . Remember these aren’t full size images, but scaled down to save some bandwidth for those on mobile devices.

Royal William Yard Views #iphone6plus #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

Once again, iPhone 6 Plus first and then Note 4.

Royal William Yard Views #iphone6plus #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

And again, iPhone 6 Plus first, then Note 4.

Royal William Yard Views #iphone6plus #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

Remember, to view the full resolution of each, just click on photo to go to Flickr, then select largest file size to view full resolution shots. And with all these shots, my friend was standing in the same spot when snapping.

Royal William Yard Views #iphone6plus #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

And again, iPhone 6 Plus first, then Note 4.

Royal William Yard Views #iphone6plus #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

And again, iPhone 6 Plus first, then Note 4. Just look at the difference with the Note 4 capturing a much wider area.

Royal William Yard Views #iphone6plus #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

Below is another shot of the above scene from the iPhone 6 Plus just to add as another comparison.

Royal William Yard Views #iphone6plus #unedited

Below are some shots from the Note 4 where there is no alternative from the iPhone 6 Plus.

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

Royal William Yard Views #SamsungNote4 #unedited

So the above shots are trying to represent a typical day out. Which shots do you prefer? 6 Plus or Note 4? Or is it a draw? 8mp vs 16mp in lovely sunny conditions! In all honesty, I think all of these shots are amazing.

Updated – I can’t believe this but the Note 4 was left with the camera file size at 6mp instead of 16mp. That really is incredible as that made the photos fairer but also showed the Note 4 could snap another 10mp worth of pixels as it’s max resolution is 16mp.