HTC 10 vs LG G5 – Roof Top Views over Exeter

I had two phones with me yesterday, the LG G5 and HTC 10.

The HTC 10 comes with a great raw enhancement tool, that takes a raw image and automatically adjusts it for you.

So what does that translate into. Below is a shot of John Lewis, Exeter, snapped in raw and post processed on the HTC 10 using the raw enhancement tool.

John Lewis of Exeter #HTC10 #rawconverted

So how does the HTC 10 compare with the LG G5 and its 16mp rear camera. This shot was snapped in auto.

Roof views of John Lewis of Exeter #LGG5

But actually the shot I liked the most came from the 8mp LG G5 wide angle rear lens. Edited in snapseed using HDR Scape filter.

Roof Top view of Exeter #LGG5wide

Sometimes it is just nothing to do with the pixels, but the impact of the shot.

And just one more from the LG G5 wide lens. I was standing no more than 1 metre away from the wall. This is a shot of the original City Wall of Exeter, the ruins that survived the bombing from World War Two.

The Old City Wall of Exeter #LGG5wide

Despite the fish eye effect, it is still a shot that I like and one that captures the wall.

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