Apple iPhone 6S – Camera comparisons with the Samsung S7 & LG G5

My wife and I were out yesterday in Widecombe in the Moor on Dartmoor. This is a beautiful place and if you happen to visit, make sure you pop into the Cafe on The Green for some tasty grub.

During our visit to Widecombe my wife took photos using her iPhone 6S and I was snapping away with my LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. So whilst the photo viewpoints don’t always match, the conditions were identical, and this provided some great photos to compare. I also thought the photos taken were more realistic to a normal day trip, rather than trying to take photos in a prepared format.

Widecombe Village Green

First up is the shot from the iPhone 6S below. I actually prefer the iPhone 6S shot here. Look at all the clouds and sky. Slightly better exposed and more natural and realistic to the scene.

Widecombe Village Green #iPhone6S

Below is from the LG G5 using the wide lens. Dramatic as always from the wide angle.

Widecombe Village Green #LGG5wide

Below is the shot from the Samsung S7. Deep saturated colours. Some may prefer this screen look. Good contrast too.

Widecombe Village Green #SamsungS7

St Pancras Church Shots

First up a 3 shots from the iPhone 6S. These shots are the Church and graveyard are close calls in terms of accuracy to the scenes themselves.

St Pancras Church Tower - iphone6S

St Pancras Church views - iphone6S

Last Views #iPhone6S

Below 3 shots from the LG G5. Some really great snaps from the G5.

St Pancras Church Tower  #LGG5

St Pancras Church Courtyard #LGG5

Opposites Attract #SamsungS7

Below are 3 shots from the Samsung S7. Sharp and saturated. Still great looking photos.

St Pancras Church Tower #SamsungS7

Deathly Views #SamsungS7

St Pancras Church, Widecombe in the Moor #SamsungS7

So now the remainder of the shots are by myself using the LG G5 and Samsung S7.

Macro and Flower.

Below are the 2 shots from the LG G5. The G5 does a good job, but not as good as the S7. The wind was blowing slightly when taking these shots and the ones from the S7.

Red Flower #LGG5

Red Flower crop #LGG5

Below are the 2 shots from the S7. The S7 is the clear winner here. Stunning. Oodles of detail.

Red Flower crop #SamsungS7

Red Stunner #SamsungS7

The Church House

Below are 2 shots from the LG G5. One normal and the other wide. Too close to call between the 2 phones. Some areas the extra resolution means there is more detail to crop with the G5.

The Church House #LGG5

The Church House v2 #LGG5wide

Below is the shot from the S7. A very good shot but not as much detail as the G5, but excellent nonetheless.

The Church House #SamsungS7

Final shot from the LG G5, using the wide lens to capture the Cafe on the Green restaurant.

This is to highlight why the G5 is ideal for visiting places. The wide lens can capture the scene in a unique way.


Inside the Cafe on The Green #LGG5wide

And outside.

The Cafe on The Green #LGG5wide

Overall all 3 phones did a great job. The iPhone is still a decent contender against the LG G5 and Samsung S7 in good lighting. The S7 did a better job with close and macro shots than the LG G5. And the LG G5 takes wonderful wide angle shots.

So what do you think? You can tap on each photo to view the full size version.

1 thought on “Apple iPhone 6S – Camera comparisons with the Samsung S7 & LG G5

  1. Very little to separate any with these shots. What I found interesting is the exposure difference between these two with the s7.

    St Pancras Church Tower #SamsungS7
    Looks like the g5 shot.
    Looks more like the iPhone shot.

    Taken from a little further away and the colour of the bell tower looks so different.

    No HDR used at all from what I can tell. The iPhone has a slight advantage due to its multi metering mode in daylight.

    As for the macro, pair. There’s a stop difference in shutter speed between the two. Which is curious.

    The reason I think is the framing is slightly different. You got much closer with the g5 than the s7.

    How you managed to get the one with the g5 sharp at that distance I don’t know. A slight movement and your focus plane changes. It’s a good shot with just the main stamens in sharp focus. A little over exposed that’s all.


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