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LG G6 – New Firmware & new features

At exactly 6pm last night the above firmware went live on my LG G6 (G600) Korean model with the quad DAC and 64gb storage. 

Now in case you’re wondering what the above firmware says, so did I. Luckily Google Translate sort of helped and didn’t. 

However, I can confirm this update provided the following – 

– LG Pay app added

– 1st May security update 

– Bugs fixes and tweaks. 


LG G6 – Camera Showdown – Can the LG G6 beat the Samsung Galaxy S8+?

So today it is the time to show you some more photos from the LG G6. Seriously, I thought the S8+ photos were fantastic, but I think the LG G6 marginally improves over the S8+.

First shot is a panoramic shot. Looks good.

Below are some macro shots. The detail is fantastic.

I took the same macro shots with several phones, and IMO the G6 nailed these the best.

The macro below is wonderful.

The yellow is nicely captured here.

Now for some wide vs normal shots. Below the wide angle lens does it job really well.

Below, standing in the same position, but using the normal lens.

How about a panoramic shot using the wide angle lens. Yep, no problem. This was taken standing in the same spot as the panoramic photo at the start of this post.

Let’s not forget the action shot with George. Superb detail.

All in all the LG G6 not only takes great photos, but it is fun to use. It has a wealth of additional modes that use its wide angle lens too. One thing I have seen it just how close all the photos are from the different cameras.

The only difference really is if the phones have a second lens that adds some extra trick shots. Do you agree ?

LG G6 vs Samsung S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus – Burst mode comparisons by Ellie


As you know by now Gavin likes to photograph our 3 labradors an awful lot. I think they have learnt how to pose for that perfect selfie too.

One of the modes Gavin likes to use is burst mode. So Gavin asked me to perform some tests on the speed of each phone in burst mode.

So here are the results.

iPhone 7 Plus

– Time to take 100 shots in burst mode is 10 seconds.
– Maximum number of shots in burst mode is 999 shots. Holy crap. And it can save them all fairly quickly and take another 999 shots in a burst without pulling a sweat.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

– Time to take 100 shots in burst mode is 7 seconds. And 100 shots is the maximum. Also the focusing was fastest out of all 3.


– Time to take 100 shots in burst mode is 10 seconds the same as the iPhone 7 Plus. Like the S8+ , 100 shots is the maximum in burst mode. Focusing was as quick as the iPhone but slower than the S8+.

I will try and get some shots over the weekend but there’s no guarantee.

LG G6 – New Firmware & New Features & Improvements by Ellie


Hi it’s Ellie again. I have been using the LG G6 for less than a week and it’s now had 3 firmware updates.

With the help of Google Translate I was able to get some resemblance of what was being improved, fixed and added.


One feature I spotted on the S8+ was the slide to zoom on the shutter button. I thought this was quite useful. Well it seems LG copied Samsung.


However, unlike the S8+ using the zoom slider on the shutter button always switches smoothly between the wide angle and normal lens. This is neat. Only one problem is it only appears in auto mode , and not in manual.

As you can see it seems the camera quality has been improved along with a few other aspects of the phone. The Google security patch is showing as 1st April. As a comparison the S8+ I have is on the 1st March.

A company called Wondamobile got in touch. They are selling the LG G6 Korean G600 version which has the quad DAC and 64gb storage and have offered a £8 discount for gavinsgadgets using code “GFLaymond”. This isn’t an affiliate link.

LG G6 – Examining the macro performance from the camera by Ellie

Hi again, its Ellie stepping in for Gavin while he’s recovering. I have had quite a bit of fun already with the LG G6 camera but OMG just check out the macro shots. I discovered if you use the manual mode, slide the focus slider to macro you also have the option for focus peaking. This shows you which part of the shot is in focus by overlaying green speckles. As you move the G6 in or out of focus the green appears or disappears respectively.

The dandelion above is so crisp. All of these shots are jpegs straight out of the camera with a crop from 4:3 to 16:9.

I have overheard some of Gavin’s podcasts and gather some of you like to pixel peek. I would rather read a good book but to keep you guys happy I uploaded all these shots in full resolution.

Now this leaf is impressive but lets take a closer look.

I will try and do a few more posts like this, so if there is something you would like me to focus on let me know and I will see if its possible. Gavin has asked me to look at the Samsung S8+ from Samsung that is sitting in its box too.

LG G6 – Update on Battery Performance by Ellie

Hi its Ellie again with an update on battery performance. Apparently, according to Gavin this is what you guys all talk about. I could think of a million and one better things to debate but anyway here goes.

I spent an evening setting it up, also trying to get to grip with android as it feels different to iOS, the phone battery was dead in 4 hours, but to be fair I hadn’t charged it 🙂

I have settled for this white theme which is one of the options for the default launcher. There are black themes. Even found a Samsung S8 theme for you Samsung fans.

I have all of my social media apps installed, from twitter to Facebook and one email account. The second day I got about 4.5 hours screen on time and had just enough battery left before bedtime.

However, I turned off the always on display, bloody annoying too, and boom what a difference in battery life.

At around 8.45pm last night I had reached the dizzy heights of over 6 hours screen on time with 42% battery left.

I wish my iPhone 6S had a battery as good as this G6. Actually I wish the camera was as good as this G6. And one last thing, don’t tell Gavin, he won’t be getting this phone back 🙂

LG G6 – First Impressions & Camera Shootout by Ellie


Welcome to first impressions of the LG G6. This is not the stripped down feature less UK version G6 being cross examined, this is from LG Korea. This is the LG G6 G600.

The Korean version features double the storage at 64gb versus 32gb for the UK. In addition it has a 32 bit quad DAC which can power headphones up to 600 ohms. If your reading this from the USA, you don’t get 64gb or the quad DAC but you do get wireless charging.

Anyway, lets get down to some basics. As Gavin’s wife, I hate phones. To me there are just another It’s another rectangular blob. However, I must concede the slim bezels and large display look great for viewing content on the screen, although being narrow and tall with the 18:9 aspect ratio does look weird. For such a large screen the narrowness makes it a breeze to hold. I do like the flat side edges too. Practical for usability.

If you get the G6 without the quad DAC, the audio is still good, just not epic amazing plus you won’t be using any huge over the ear hifi headphones. I borrowed a few of Gavin’s Sennheiser, NuForce and Oppo headphones plus some in ear headphones and the difference is so noticeable. It is like having a pro music player. There is a toggle to turn the DAC on or off. When on, all audio from any application via the headphones is enhanced. The reason for an off switch is to save battery. The quad DAC uses more juice. All versions of the G6 feature the Hi Res Bluetooth APTX-HD which is a bonus.

I took the G6 out in the bright sun last night. The display was visible but could have been a wee bit brighter. As a comparison when I took a photo on the iPhone 7 Plus in landscape, the screen was crystal clear through my polarised sunglasses. Not so on the G6. The iPhone display only becomes clear in landscape with sunglasses not portrait.

I took a photo of our local church using an iPhone 7 Plus and then using the normal lens on the G6. I stood in the same spot. Just look how different the field of view is.


The above is the G6 shot. And below is the iPhone 7 Plus from exactly the same spot.


In fact to make life easier, I have created a LG G6 camera video showcase with my views on each shot. This has a variety of shots in bright and low light too.

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LG G6 – LG listened to “You” – Then removes 3 top features for the UK & More

So LG announced the LG G6 at MWC 2017. It was the chance for LG to shine and potentially steal the limelight away from its competition.

All was going well, with its new metal and glass design which looks a lot better than the LG G5 and its new 18:9 screen aspect ratio. The new UI with Google Assistant looked really good and being able to run 2 applications on the screen both in perfect sized squares looked fab too. The new dual 13mp cameras, one of which was a 120 degree wide angle lens now works better with the other 13mp standard lens. The sample photos looked impressive too.

I was able to overlook the fact it had the Snapdragon 821 processor. Samsung has hogged all the 835 chipsets for its new S8.

And then came the sting in the tail. LG once again had different specifications for different countries. The USA model comes with wireless charging. In Korea the phone will come with 64gb storage instead of 32gb and will include a HiFi DAC. Considering the whole launch event was about listening to its customers, how on earth can LG offer such vast differences in hardware experiences and expect everyone to be happy! But could it get any worse. Yes. The front display uses Gorilla Glass 3 which is now 4 years old. The rear camera is protected by Gorilla Glass 4, and the glass back has Gorilla Glass 5 which is meant to be 1.8 times stronger than previous generations. So why on earth has the front screen only got Gorilla Glass 3?

64gb storage should be the base model for 2017 for any flagship phone. My Huawei Mate 9 comes with 64gb as standard. My iPhone 7 Plus has 256gb. 32gb is not sufficient as in reality about 20gb will be available. Stating you can install a memory card is not the same as apps and games do not run from a micro SD card.

Finally, look at the LG G5 nougat review update I posted today. It comes with Bluetooth APT-X HD codec and an infra red blaster. Plus it has a removable battery and more!

LG G6 – The latest information on LG’s new dream flagship 

LG has already confirmed it is ditching the modular design for the LG G6.

The LG G6 is expected to feature a 5.7-inch QHD+ LCD display with a resolution of 2880 x 1440. It will also likely retain a dual camera arrangement with a wide-angle lens complementing the primary shooter. 
LG have now teased that it will be nearly all screen and less bezel meaning an overall smaller size. The phone will be waterproof too. 

And LG are looking to release this a whole month before Samsung releases their new Galaxy S8.