LG G6 – Camera Showdown – Can the LG G6 beat the Samsung Galaxy S8+?

So today it is the time to show you some more photos from the LG G6. Seriously, I thought the S8+ photos were fantastic, but I think the LG G6 marginally improves over the S8+.

First shot is a panoramic shot. Looks good.

Below are some macro shots. The detail is fantastic.

I took the same macro shots with several phones, and IMO the G6 nailed these the best.

The macro below is wonderful.

The yellow is nicely captured here.

Now for some wide vs normal shots. Below the wide angle lens does it job really well.

Below, standing in the same position, but using the normal lens.

How about a panoramic shot using the wide angle lens. Yep, no problem. This was taken standing in the same spot as the panoramic photo at the start of this post.

Let’s not forget the action shot with George. Superb detail.

All in all the LG G6 not only takes great photos, but it is fun to use. It has a wealth of additional modes that use its wide angle lens too. One thing I have seen it just how close all the photos are from the different cameras.

The only difference really is if the phones have a second lens that adds some extra trick shots. Do you agree ?


2 thoughts on “LG G6 – Camera Showdown – Can the LG G6 beat the Samsung Galaxy S8+?

  1. For me the LG takes the nicest shots of the 3 recently tested devices! Although all take decent shots. Now how long before LG bring the Quad DAC and wireless charging to the UK?

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    1. If they do it will be too late. Ironically a friend of mine who is into his audio, took his S8 and compared it to the LG without the quad DAC. Even without the special DAC the standard LG sounded better than the S8.

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