Samsung Galaxy S8+ – Just how good is the camera? – by Ellie

Yesterday was the turn of the Huawei P10 plus and now it is the turn of the Samsung Galaxy S8+. So just how good is the camera? Well it takes photos just like any other phone which is the harsh reality, but is it any better than last years S7 or the current competition. If you scroll back you will see similar shots on from the Huawei P10 Plus and over the next 2 days you will see how well the LG G6 and iPhone 7 Plus fared.

The first shot above is panoramic mode. Looks good.

Below are some macro shots. Sometimes, the focus point is missed. Easily done, but when spot on, the macro shots are fab.

Colours and bokeh look superb.

Some of the detail is exceptional.

If you like macros, the S8+ doesn’t disappoint.

Fast action is easy with the S8+.

All the shades of green were accurately captured here.

Lots of saturation, but nonetheless a lovely punchy shot.

One for the road.

All in all the S8+ camera delivers the goods. If you are smart enough to work out how to press the shutter button, the Samsung S8+ does the rest for you, its that good!

Despite the good camera this phone is flawed. Why is the fingerprint sensor unreachable and next to the camera lens. And WTF is that stupid Bixby button for other than decoration and constantly being activated by accident.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Showcase


1 thought on “Samsung Galaxy S8+ – Just how good is the camera? – by Ellie

  1. My wife is very happy with her S8. But she asked about finger print sensor and….I’ve avoided showing her being worried it’ll make the phone less usable! And “punchy” is the right description of pictures. Well light shots are amazing compared to her old LG G3 and LG G4.


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