I’m an iPhone 7 Plus – So LG G6, Samsung S8+ & Huawei P10 Plus – This is my camera prowess – by Ellie

The iPhone 7 Plus is a beast of a phone with its dual rear cameras and it might be over 6 months old now yet it can still can hold its own up against the competition, often winning. These are the same shots taken at the same time as the previous days posts covering the Huawei P10, S8+ and LG G6.

Macro shots.

Some lovely natural details and colours.

Mainly good focus. Some shots were out of focus.

Quality is as good as the competition.

Normal lens. A really good shot of the church. Colours are well balanced. I could have used the 2 x optical zoom lens too.

Overall, the iPhone 7 Plus holds its own ground against the competition. It also has the second lens for portrait mode and 2 x optical zoom. Then there are numerous third party apps that work really well to create silky water, night trails and star lights. Then there is Live Photos and super smooth 4K video.

So have a look at the shots on the previous posts from the LG G6, Huawei P10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8, and ask yourself, which ones do you prefer?


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