LG G6 – LG listened to “You” – Then removes 3 top features for the UK & More

So LG announced the LG G6 at MWC 2017. It was the chance for LG to shine and potentially steal the limelight away from its competition.

All was going well, with its new metal and glass design which looks a lot better than the LG G5 and its new 18:9 screen aspect ratio. The new UI with Google Assistant looked really good and being able to run 2 applications on the screen both in perfect sized squares looked fab too. The new dual 13mp cameras, one of which was a 120 degree wide angle lens now works better with the other 13mp standard lens. The sample photos looked impressive too.

I was able to overlook the fact it had the Snapdragon 821 processor. Samsung has hogged all the 835 chipsets for its new S8.

And then came the sting in the tail. LG once again had different specifications for different countries. The USA model comes with wireless charging. In Korea the phone will come with 64gb storage instead of 32gb and will include a HiFi DAC. Considering the whole launch event was about listening to its customers, how on earth can LG offer such vast differences in hardware experiences and expect everyone to be happy! But could it get any worse. Yes. The front display uses Gorilla Glass 3 which is now 4 years old. The rear camera is protected by Gorilla Glass 4, and the glass back has Gorilla Glass 5 which is meant to be 1.8 times stronger than previous generations. So why on earth has the front screen only got Gorilla Glass 3?

64gb storage should be the base model for 2017 for any flagship phone. My Huawei Mate 9 comes with 64gb as standard. My iPhone 7 Plus has 256gb. 32gb is not sufficient as in reality about 20gb will be available. Stating you can install a memory card is not the same as apps and games do not run from a micro SD card.

Finally, look at the LG G5 nougat review update I posted today. It comes with Bluetooth APT-X HD codec and an infra red blaster. Plus it has a removable battery and more!


7 thoughts on “LG G6 – LG listened to “You” – Then removes 3 top features for the UK & More

  1. So disappointed – the DAC was the feature that would have convinced me to get this over competitor’s devices. Now we don’t get that in the UK version, I’m out. Gorilla Glass 3 is just an astonishing decision also?


    1. I was so looking forward to this phone. But like you I am left dismayed by some of LG’s choices. It’s as if they don’t want you to have the perfect phone anymore. Also the camera sensor in the main rear one is 13mp at 4:3 , which becomes 9.7mp at 16:9. The G5 shot at the full 16mp in 16:9.


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