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HTC’s revenue is dropped again – So its shares rose 10%

So HTC’s revenue dropped again to a mere $129 million, thats over 50% lower than revenues for February 2015.

And yet their share price rose 10%. Is the stock market bonkers?

Well actually HTC’s shares rose on the news that its partnership and new fitness products with Urban Armor sold well and the new HTC Vive VR headset was off to a strong start.

From the leaked rumours of the new HTC 10, I cannot see this flagship saving the day, so it is quite likely we will see HTC shift its future more towards the wearables/fitness sector and Virtual Reality later on. Virtual Reality is still several years off from becoming the norm, despite its coolness.

So do you think there is a future with HTC in the next 12 months?

Dual Lens Cameras – Arriving on top smartphones this year including the next iPhone – details

Major Smartphone companies are moving to a new dual lens cameras over the next year.

Sony CFO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed yesterday during the company’s Q3 FY15 earnings call that its dual-lens camera platform will be featured in a range of products from “major smartphone players” over the next year.

So what are the possibilities for this dual lens camera? Well rumours are rife that Apple will introduce a new iPhone with dual lenses. But with MWC just a few weeks away, it would not be surprising to see other companies use this technology too. LG perhaps? HTC even?

Who do you think will introduce this new Sony dual lens camera?

Source – Cultofmac

Desperation – HTC’s new Advert takes aim at Samsung and Apple Users

HTC America released the following advert which is meant to take the “biscuit” out of iOS Apple iPhone, Samsung and other phone users. The advert is for a fictional drug called Cellami which is supposed to help someone suffering from Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder. HTC digs at Samsung by claiming Cellami can also treat SAD, or Samsung Affective Disorder, and at Apple which produces iOS, or Irritable Operating System. The digs continue even more than what I’ve written too.

Have a look for yourself, but I think it reeks signs of desperation and dreadful poor taste.

Oppo, Nokia and HTC take aim at the Samsung Galaxy S5 – but it’s a dangerous idea

Ever since Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC, Nokia and now Oppo seem to be bashing it with claims from Oppo and HTC that in March they will announce something even better.

And they may have a better made and specced phone and it may be an opportunity to steal some thunder from Samsung but rumour has it Samsung has another phone in the works for a May release that could one up everyone else.

Time will tell but with Samsung launching the S5 in 115 countries on 11th April, I’m sure they are not going to have any issues with not achieving high sales.

Has HTC got a new revenue stream?

HTC financial fortunes may be about to take a turn for the better.

The Financial Times reported that an Amazon smartphone is on the way and is being manufactured by HTC. There is apparently 3 phones in development, one near completion. It also appears that the new phones will only be made available to Amazon Prime customers.

This could be a godsend for HTC and help fill its pockets with much needed revenue.

HTC reports dismal Q3 – more info

HTC has just released its preliminary unaudited financial results for the third quarter of 2013, and the company has posted an operating loss of over $101 million (NT$2.97 billion). Just as it warned back in July, this is HTC’s first operating loss in company history and it wasn’t even close to breaking even. Here’s how the quarter’s financials break down:

-Total revenues of $1.6 billion (NT$47.05 billion)
-Operating loss before tax of $119.4 million (NT$3.50 billion)
-Operating loss after tax of $101.3 million (NT$2.97 billion)
-Earnings per share after tax of -$0.12 (-NT$3.58)

It seems even after releasing one of the best phones this year, the competitive forces are proving a struggle for it to compete with. Lets hope this isn’t the next BlackBerry.

HTC’s $1bn ad campaign is brilliant – details why

HTC have acquired the services of Robert Downey Jr in their $1bn ad campaign. And guess what, I think it’s a genius idea.

Why? Well at the moment most of the tech press are slating it, saying HTC are off their rockers. So round one to HTC because a) everyone remembers it and b) they all recall its about HTC.

Then there is the creative aspect of this idea. What is grow. What HTC brand name become more aware amongst the general public.

And Here’s To Change, HTC 😉

HTC announces poor financial results – so here’s a different view point

Right here are HTC’s financial results for the last quarter.

– $2.8 million in unaudited net income — during the first three months of this year vs $173 million in the same quarter of last year, representing a fall of around 98 percent. Underlying revenue dropped by a third to $1.4 billion

Sounds dreadful. It’s not a brilliant position to be in, but its not as bad as it looks. HTC knew this period was going to be bad so they have piled in every bad item into this set of reporting.

We all know the HTC One is now being released, and we already know HTC have achieved some reasonable sales success. The HTC One income is not included in the above declaration. So doesn’t it make sense, that the next quarter results will be much better.

No need for doom and gloom as reported elsewhere.