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Dual Lens Cameras – Arriving on top smartphones this year including the next iPhone – details

Major Smartphone companies are moving to a new dual lens cameras over the next year.

Sony CFO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed yesterday during the company’s Q3 FY15 earnings call that its dual-lens camera platform will be featured in a range of products from “major smartphone players” over the next year.

So what are the possibilities for this dual lens camera? Well rumours are rife that Apple will introduce a new iPhone with dual lenses. But with MWC just a few weeks away, it would not be surprising to see other companies use this technology too. LG perhaps? HTC even?

Who do you think will introduce this new Sony dual lens camera?

Source – Cultofmac

LG makes the worlds first Quad HD phone screen

LG Mobile has just laid claim to the world’s first Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) smartphone display, which also boasts the highest pixel density of a mobile device, clocking in at 538ppi. The firm’s panel measures up at 5.5-inches and is only 1.21mm thick, and just 1.2mm at its bezel.


LG to demo 5 inch unbreakable display at SID

LG will have on display will be 5- and 7-inch HD Oxide TFT panels at SID.

In addition the bezel is just 1mm wide, enabling a borderless frame when installed in smartphones. Both displays are lightweight and consume less power than their traditional equivalents.

How often have you dropped your phone, only to discover the screen has cracked. Having an unbreakable display is in my book a must along with great battery life. Lets hope these displays arrive soon.