Oppo, Nokia and HTC take aim at the Samsung Galaxy S5 – but it’s a dangerous idea

Ever since Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC, Nokia and now Oppo seem to be bashing it with claims from Oppo and HTC that in March they will announce something even better.

And they may have a better made and specced phone and it may be an opportunity to steal some thunder from Samsung but rumour has it Samsung has another phone in the works for a May release that could one up everyone else.

Time will tell but with Samsung launching the S5 in 115 countries on 11th April, I’m sure they are not going to have any issues with not achieving high sales.

4 thoughts on “Oppo, Nokia and HTC take aim at the Samsung Galaxy S5 – but it’s a dangerous idea

  1. I don’t think you can knock these companies getting in on the action with all the publicity surrounding the S5.
    What are we expecting from in May? Another Note?


    1. I think we may see a new category in May. A Note size device that is not a Note but a tech beast. We may see the curved screen and even more powerful CPU. Not sure screen resolution will be 2K.


  2. At the Unpacked event on Monday Samsung said the S5 was not about specifications which means it is not a spec beast. But many tech reviewers did not hear that or did not want to hear that. We all know the Note line is where advanced tech is normally added by Samsung.


  3. Listening to the Voicemail last night, I tend to agree with them that Samsung has dropped the ball with the recent S5. But who’s to say they won’t rellease something way better in the next few months?

    Have a good w/end, everyone.


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