HTC announces poor financial results – so here’s a different view point

Right here are HTC’s financial results for the last quarter.

– $2.8 million in unaudited net income — during the first three months of this year vs $173 million in the same quarter of last year, representing a fall of around 98 percent. Underlying revenue dropped by a third to $1.4 billion

Sounds dreadful. It’s not a brilliant position to be in, but its not as bad as it looks. HTC knew this period was going to be bad so they have piled in every bad item into this set of reporting.

We all know the HTC One is now being released, and we already know HTC have achieved some reasonable sales success. The HTC One income is not included in the above declaration. So doesn’t it make sense, that the next quarter results will be much better.

No need for doom and gloom as reported elsewhere.

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