Apple iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and Pencil – My Review

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This post is the review master post covering all parts of my iPad Pro, Apple Keyboard and Pencil reviews with guest posts from Mike. The link to this post will now also appear in the main review sections which can be found using the menu above.

Decisions around whether I should consider the iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro – First Thoughts on this Crazy iPad

Apple iPad Pro – First Impressions

Apple iPad Pro 5 Days Later – Now the Honeymoon Period is Over!

Apple Pencil First Impressions and More iPad Pro views

Is the iPad Pro an unfinished product is is there another problem?

What Makes the iPad Pro really special and worth £1,000

Apple iPad Pro – Camera Tests in Low Light

The iPad Pro shrunk to an iPad Mini 4 – The End and Why

Apple iPad Pro – First Thoughts from Mike

One Week Later – Mike airs his views

Taking the iPad Pro to Europe and Back – Another Viewpoint

3 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and Pencil – My Review

  1. Thanks Gavin, it was good to go back through all those reviews and comments.

    As to my iPad Pro purchase:-
    I have decided to keep the big fella regardless of the fact Apple need to sort their act out with both the Home Screen layout/design and App development to take full advantage of the Pros size, speed, RAM etc.

    What made me keep it was in fact the iPencil.
    Slowly and it continues to trickle, Apps are coming in for the Pro that utilise the iPencil. Of the choices available mine are entirely with the digital creativity applications.
    Not all have yet to migrate to the Pro but at least two of my many Apps have done so ~ Procreate and ArtRage. I am not going to star both of these Apps with reviews or comments but suffice to say using Apps such as these with both the larger ‘canvas’ and a decent ‘brush’ makes the whole experience well and truly above anything else offered and I include graphic tablets and pens in that choice.
    Couple that screen technology on the Pro with the iPencil and it is a winning formula.

    Further, only today I noticed the writing App Notability which now has Pro support is being offered for a ridiculously low £0.79, so that is another area to gain further use over the smaller iPad Air 2.
    I do not normally rest my hand on the screen with digital sketch or painting but for general note taking using the likes of Notability and other Apps that make use of a better palm rejection it all adds to a much more relaxed and natural pen and paper/canvas experience.

    Righto…… With a little more acceptance now back towards Apple I’m off to order myself an iPad Mini 4. That will give me all three variants of the iPad range to use and play. 🙃

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