iPad Pro – My First Impressions – Review

They say anything can happen in 24 hours, and in my case this occurred.

I have decided to make the most of the Apple eco system and no longer have a chromebook. Instead I have the new iPad Pro with the Apple Smart Keyboard.

This entire post was typed on the new keyboard too. 

This is my first impressions of the iPad Pro using it for several hours last night. I am sure my views will change slightly as time moves on. 

Apple’s system of online ordering to get the device first seems to be changing as on Wednesday several Apple stores had stock of the iPad Pro. I didn’t expect to buy one either, but a brief play with the device and I realised the potential and how much it would be ideal for myself. Little annoyances include the lack of the Apple Pencil, currently with a 4-5 week online waiting time. My local Apple store only had 2 Apple Smart Keyboards in stock, which after I left just left one. The keyboard is US English only which is annoying, but with some trial and error I discovered where the Β£ key was located. It is shift 3. 

The first thing that strikes you is just how big and beautiful the iPad Pro screen is and how everything just  feels so much more engaging. The iPad Pro is heavy, but not as heavy as expected. The Smart Keyboard is genius. It is so slim, making the overall profile when fitted incredibly thin looking. The speed of typing on the smart keyboard is very fast. At first, I was not convinced I would be keeping the keyboard longer term, but it really has grown on me, especially just how fast I can type across the keys. The on screen keyboard has been improved too, with a numbers row and shortcuts. This means that for some people, a separate keyboard will not be necessary. 

Split screen mode works really well and I like being able to have tweetbot running and web browsing on safari at the same time. Some apps clearly need updating as they look too scaled up. However, in time apps will get updated and new apps will arrive. Apps that have been optimised for the iPad Pro simply look gorgeous.

The iPad Pro has Touch ID, something for some reason I was not expecting. It also has Apple Pay/Wallet. On top of that you can use the tablet to take photos and annoy the world. Panoramas can be as large as 43mp. I am sorely tempted to try and take one too on the iPad Pro. 

The speakers on the iPad Pro are the best yet on an iPad. Clear, punchy and loud. Photos taken on my iPhone 6S Plus look amazing on the iPad Pro’s screen, although I expected nothing less.

Now Tim Cook made the statement that the iPad Pro is a PC replacement and I have to concede despite my reservations, that this device will replace my macbook pro which is now up for sale. Until you have used this device I don’t think it is possible to fully appreciate its finer qualities.

And yet, I still have the Apple Pencil to explore in a few weeks time!


7 thoughts on “iPad Pro – My First Impressions – Review

  1. Excellent Gavin.
    From its use as a ‘replacement’ laptop that’s pretty much how I would have expected the Pro to be seen and used.
    As you say the iPencil will then transform it into a creative tool.
    I’m actually thinking of buying a new Easel just for the Pro.
    The iPencil I have on order will be a great addition to the two Digital Brushes I already have and use for Digital Art and Painting.

    BTW……. I have taken the first step ~ I have removed the cover from the iPad Pro box!

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