iPad Pro – To Europe and Back – Another viewpoint

TecnhnoBuffalo took up a challenge. One of their writers went on a week’s trip to Europe with just the iPad Pro and Apple Keyboard, instead of a laptop. I will share my opinions of their experience after the video.

Size matters. One of the difficulties of using the iPad whilst travelling was its size. On the plane it was so big it got in the way. Relaxing in bed it was too heavy to hold like you would the iPad Air or Mini. Both these situations affected me.

The flip side was the large screen is superb for media consumption along with the strong battery life. However, more work related stuff does get compromised.

I thought the criticism of the Apple Keyboard was unfair. I found it really fast and operations like going to the home screen can be achieved with simply command key operations. In fact, holding down the command key for a few seconds in every app reveals all the shortcuts. Tweetbot has loads of shortcuts!

As I have said before, the Apple Pro is an excellent piece of hardware, if it fits what you need it to do. One of my favourite iOS app, Reeder, just received a big update, most importantly it now supports the iPad Pro properly. However, this is only the 3rd app I have seen updated since the iPad Pro’s launch that I use that has been specifically updated for the iPad Pro.


5 thoughts on “iPad Pro – To Europe and Back – Another viewpoint

  1. Right, so the reviewer wanted to take just one device and chose to leave his laptop behind, that’s fine.
    However, to say it was too big as it got in the way on the plane and difficult to hold in bed makes no sense if still being compared to others as a one device.
    You mean to say a laptop which can only be viewed and worked on when it is open takes less space or you can hold a laptop in bed better for viewing a movie!! Come on, if you are going to compare it then at the very least make sure your apples are apples.

    Now I have had a mixed marriage with my Pro ~ the first 24hrs and I was sucked in nice and simple but soon learned there were issues. After one week these issues were compounded but by now most of it was not the fault of the Pro ~ as can be read in the two comments I gave to Gavin.
    The thing is in no way would I have dismissed the Pro in the same way the reviewer above did. A cramped plane is no place for any device when you are sat bolt upright with food in your hand and your tray being used by trivial items. Simple answer, put it away, eat your food, clear your tray and relax a little. When you come back you are reinvigorated ready for a bit of work or whatever.
    The same with laying in bed. I don’t know about you but there’s no way would I wish to hold a laptop above my head whilst watching a movie!

    Gavin’s already mentioned the keyboard and he is right. Play with it and you learn so much more than the sum of its parts.

    Overall, I found the review lacked everything and nothing. Everything made no sense with nothing properly to compare to.

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  2. Hmmm, I largely disagree with the majority of the review.

    1. “Unwieldy”? Not as unwieldy as a MacBook while traveling from Munich to Newark for Thanksgiving two days ago (the reverse of your trip). I slid the tray closer to me and put the iOS on my knees and leaning against the seat back in front of me. I just solved that problem, and continued to watch Antman.

    2. Keyboard – you should hold down the apple key (yeah, you know the one that used to have th Apple icon on it) in what ever app you’re in to view the keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation. And yes, there is a keyboard shortcut combination for “home”. I do, however wish the keyboard was backlit.

    Your slobbish and clumsy manipulation made it appear to be difficult to maneuver, but it’s not. At all.

    And proposing it up in bed is easy, should be easier with the “Velcro” on your chest too 🙂

    4. Digital notes are great on this device, especially in conference rooms as you can keep the device in your lap to keep a screen from inhibiting face to face discussions, and the notes can include drawings, pictures, etc and then shared immediately, rather than the extra steps of “taking a photo and emailing”. You’re still stuck in 2010 on this one.

    I’ve had the device since it came out, struggled a bit with the size at first, but now it’s normal and is replacing my MacBook Air 11″ for nearly everything. Website changes and updates are still on the MBA, as well as cycling performance analysis, but I imagine both will change soon.

    Is it in need of some iOS tweaks? Yup, absolutely. But do I want full Mac OS on it? No. The elegance of the iOS world (even without a file management system) is that it is always at the ready. However, better use of the real estate on the iPad Pro is a necessity to reall get the benefit from it. Hopefully, that will come sooner rather than later.

    Hope you enjoyed Munich, it’s a wonderful city.


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