O2 and EE to block adverts – Editorial

“According to Businessinsider O2 is at advanced stages to actively implement using technology that can block mobile ads at a network-level before they even get served. In addition, the company is considering whether to offer customers easy access to ad blocking apps and browser extensions. O2 is also working with advertisers to improve the standard of mobile advertising.”

O2 is not alone. EE have stated they are looking to block adverts. Is this a good or bad thing?

The positives will be a faster web browsing experience and less battery drain caused by adverts. However, I have noticed that with some ad blockers web sites do not run properly. Personally, I do not use any ad blocker, except on two websites where they take the biscuit for over indulgent adverts.

If O2/EE block the adverts, how will good quality websites that rely totally on the advertising income survive? I can tell you know, people will not want to pay to access information. If O2/EE control the adverts, what right do the have to decide what we see and don’t see? Are they really doing this to act as the gatekeeper and charge advertisers a fee to pass through their filters?

This seems more about taking a cut of the advertising revenue than reducing bandwidth and or improving the customer experience.

What are your views?


2 thoughts on “O2 and EE to block adverts – Editorial

  1. This might be what people think is a good thing, less adverts, but it is dangerous ground in my opinion. Some of the best content on the web was generated for free and whilst it is the creators decision adverts provide small remuneration for site owners.


  2. Correct, there’s a lot more to this than what is being shown on the surface. Dive in and you can bet your monthly subscription there’s a lot of money going to be made and it won’t be for you or the advertisers……. well yes, the advertisers will make money, only someone else will be sitting at the table controlling what food gets placed upon it.

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