Why I bought an iPhone instead of a Samsung Note 5/S6 Edge Plus

There are many reasons for buying a phone. It could be you prefer iOS, android or windows phone. It could be a set of features or an app or a game. But one factor I really think that is more important to factor in is the commitment to software updates, especially when you are buying flagship devices that cost a lot of money.

Above is a statement from Samsung confirming it is not updating their top of the line tablet. Personally, I think that this is disgraceful. It is a worrying trend by Samsung too as it has left out features on the Galaxy S6/ Edge that it included with the S6 Edge Plus. Both of these devices are current flagships, but the S6 Edge Plus is slightly newer and for example has camera software that provides better manual options. These could easily be implemented into the S6 at the same time as the larger Plus version arrived, but alas Samsung has failed to deliver. Another worrying trend was the Note 5 not being sold by Samsung in Europe. Let me be clear on one fact before I continue, all of these flagship phones from Samsung are absolutely excellent phones.

However, if you are buying a flagship phone, you will have this for at least 2 years, unless you are lucky enough to be able to upgrade earlier. My worry was what support will Samsung be offering 2 years down the line when they are already cutting back on costs and chopping their workforce numbers. Whilst I am mentioning Samsung specifically, this could easily be any other company.

On the flip side is Apple, who generally provide 3 years worth of software updates. This in turn provided me with comfort that 3 years down the line, my iPhone 6S Plus will still have the latest version of iOS and be updated the same day along with all the other iOS devices. Hence my reasons for choosing Apple.


5 thoughts on “Why I bought an iPhone instead of a Samsung Note 5/S6 Edge Plus

  1. I agree not good news about poor software support from Samsung. But I also remember the nightmare my colleague with an iPhone 5 16gb had when IOS 8 was released and he couldn’t make enough space to install it.


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