Apple Pencil – First Impressions and latest on the iPad Pro


I have been lucky enough to receive my Apple Pencil, so now I can use it with the iPad Pro. It comes with an  adapter so you can charge it with any lightning cable. Or you can stick it into the lightning connector on the iPad Pro to recharge. This is potentially dangerous and if you are not careful you could accidentally damage the Apple Pencil.

You cannot get away from inserting the Apple Pencil into my iPad Pro, as this is the only way to pair it. The pairing is carried out via bluetooth. Apart from the lightning adapter, in the box is a spare tip and some instructions on how to use it. It does warn you to make sure the Apple Pencil tip is kept clean and that over time the tip will wear out. 

So is it the Apple Pencil any good? Yes it is. Marvellous. I have used an app called Procreate and the Notes app and both work really well. As a Samsung Note ex user, I have to say the Pencil is far superior. But then its not a stylus, just a drawing tool. The Apple Pencil detects pressure, angles and strokes with hardly any latency whatsoever, mostly none at all !!!

The negatives. There is nowhere to safely store the Apple Pencil. If you want an Appe Pencil, online ordering has a 4-5 week delay. Because of this delay, I do suspect people believe they need one when in fact they will use it for the first day and never again.  I think even I have fallen into this trap as I cannot see what I will use it for as I am not an artist! I am not sure how long the battery will last, but I did fully recharge the Apple Pencil to 100%. After using it for 30 mins, I depleted the charge by 11%. When not in use, it does seem to lose a little bit of battery. I will provide another post on the battery after using it more over the next few days. If you need to check the battery level of the Apple Pencil, this can only be found in the notification centre in the battery widget which also contains the battery level of the iPad. 

I have returned the Apple Smart Cover and gone with the Apple Smart Keyboard which I am using to type this article. It is quite likely I will be returning the Apple Pencil but will give it a bit longer. The reason I kept the Smart Keyboard is that it really is so slim and adds hardly any extra bulk when connected and is nearly as slim as the Smart Cover. I also managed to create the Smart Cover typing mode position with the Apple Keyboard. It is not as secure as using the Smart Cover in this position but it works and gives me the option to use the on screen keyboard or just aide with the browsing angle when sitting on the sofa. I have also been discovering lots of new shortcuts on the Apple Keyboard, which really speed up the operation. I wish Apple would provide a list of shortcuts available. I must admit the extra accessories for the iPad Pro do make it one killer piece of hardware. 

So there you have the latest with the iPad Pro, Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. 


6 thoughts on “Apple Pencil – First Impressions and latest on the iPad Pro

  1. The more appropriate comparison of for the Pencil is the pen that comes with the Surface Pro 4. The Samsung S Pen costs about £12 and is usually part of a Note package. Also the Note 5 S Pen is better than the one for the Note 4.


  2. Thanks Gavin, appreciated.
    I look forward to hearing more on your battery testing.

    As to use I think I must own the majority of artistic paint and drawing Apps so am looking forward to seeing how the iPencil interacts with each one.
    Just a shame my favourite painting App ‘Art Set Pro Edition’ by the developers LOFOPI have not taken to support both the Pro and iPencil.
    This App will be tested against a number of others including Procreate.

    I’ve also purchased a suitable Easel, so with my digital brushes I’m nearly there……. just waiting for Apple to get their act together with stock and deliver my iPencil.


      1. Hope so….. In the meantime ~ Looks like my Pro is one of those that refuses to switch on after a charge.
        Charged it this morning from 58% to max and it wouldn’t switch on.
        Had to resort to cold reboot to get it to work.


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