iPad Pro – Testing the camera in low light – results

Yes I know, the iPad Pro is crazy huge to use for taking photos. But sometimes, the best camera is the one in your pocket. 

Now before you imagine me having tardis like pockets, which I do of course (joking) I was watching TV when Tiggy got ultra comfortable and I wanted to try and capture the moment. The only device with a camera within arms reach was my iPad Pro. So I thought, let’s give it a go. 

My lounge lighting was lowered so I knew this would be a tough challenge. I quietly detached the smart cover from the iPad so I wasn’t blocking the camera, held over Tiggy and took a shot. As the iPad Pro is so large and heavy, keeping the iPad still was really important but noticeably took a bit more effort to hold it steady.

Anyway, this is the shot from the iPad Pro. 

Tiggy certainly looks cute in this sleepy position. What you can’t see, one of my other labradors, Fury, is sleeping butted up to me on my left. George was snoozing next to my wife. Labradors are so human like at times!

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