The iPad Pro – Logic vs Lust vs Opinions


You may be asking what has the above edited photo got to do with the iPad Pro? Actually in my case quite a lot.

A few days ago, I posted about the high ticket price of owning an iPad Pro and asked the question is it worth the cost versus other forms of devices available from Apple and other companies.

Now all the reviews landed, and they were mixed. Some clearly in love with Apple Public Relations, and others providing a more realistic point of view. The reviews were mixed overall.

Last night I probably ended up watching far too many video reviews, but what I did learn is that the large sized iPad is a stunning piece of technology with loads of potential. I believe potential is the correct word, as once again apps will need to be updated to reflect the bespoke screen size and new apps will need to be released in due course.

The Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard are just as superb as the iPad Pro and I can see the potential once again.

So back to the edited photo embedded above. This was shot on my iPhone, edited in VSCO Cam and edited again in Photogene. Now if this photo was edited on my macbook, I would be using Lightroom 6. Photos snapped in RAW from my Sony RX100 have the option to be edited in Photomatrix Pro 5. These 2 photo editing programs possess huge editing capabilities and functionality, but they do not exist for iOS and or the iPad Pro. If they did, I could see myself using the iPad Pro instead of the macbook. But then some of the iOS photo editing apps are superb. So it all depends on what matters more to yourself.

Which takes me back to my conclusion, the iPad Pro with all the accessories is a fine piece of tech. Expensive and won’t be fully appreciated until apps catch up with this new powerhouse.

I know that several of you were disappointed with the Apple online ordering system. The Apple Pencil was not available for another 3-4 weeks after the iPad Pro was due to be delivered, and that the Smart Keyboard was only available in US English. Apparently, you can walk into several Apple stores and pick everything up. No mad queues this time!

So all I need now is a small lottery win, which is not likely.


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